VIDEO: Parents Concerned Over Rochester Security Issue

Parents of children attending the Rochester Area School District were shocked to receive a “security issue” letter yesterday from the school district’s superintendent, Jane Bovalino.

The letter reads:

“Dear Parents of the Rochester Area School District:

This morning an incident occurred at security as our elementary students were entering the building. Our security officers notified the administration of their concerns and the individual was escorted from the building.

As this is a personnel issue, we are not at liberty to disclose additional information.

The safety of your children and our staff is always our number one concern.”

Many of the parents were left in the dark regarding the issue, and it wasn’t until a student’s Snapchat story surfaced that showed the issue.

“I don’t get how a district sends this home, but can’t elaborate further just slightly,” a Facebook user stated. “All a letter like this does is create more concern and trigger upset and inquiry.”

The Snapchat video shows a Officer Hacker, a Rochester Township police officer who serves as a school resource officer, slouched over and moving in a bizarre fashion. The incident occurred in the morning after students had arrived.

Hacker told WTAE that he was bending over and touching his toes to stretch; but many parents are not convinced.

“He looks like he’s on acid,” another Facebook user stated, and another said they thought heroin.

At this time no toxicology reports have been released.

Check out the video, shared by WTAE, and tell us what you think.

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