Criminal Complaints: Several Pounds of Marijuana Seized During Traffic Stop

Several Pounds of Marijuana Seized

According to the criminal complaint, after being stopped for a turn signal violation, Dwight Andre Campbell, 45, of Altoona, Pa., appeared to be extremely nervous – he was sweating excessively and his hands were visibly shaking. The officer detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle. After searching the vehicle the officer located approximately five pounds of vacuum sealed marijuana in a box for home security cameras. Campbell is now facing felony charges for possession of a controlled substance.


Resident’s House Shot At With Pellet Gun

According to the criminal complaint, a resident on the 700-block of Crescent Avenue reported he believed his house was being shot at with pellets after hearing what he believed was multiple pellets striking the side of his house around 10p.m in the evening. The responding officer also heard the sounds and proceeded to the area where he heard the shots coming from. The officer observed a male on the rear porch of a residence in the 700-block of Park Avenue, identified as Charles Lewis Byrd, 30, holding a rifle type firearm. Byrd stated he was firing the pellet rifle at his garage in the back yard and then at the slab of granite which was located on his rear porch, he stated he was teaching his children how to shoot a rifle. Byrd denied firing the pellet rifle through any of the yards in the area and he believed the pellets were ricocheting off the granite and through the yards, resulting in sticking other residences in the area. The officer observed the garage and area Byrd claimed he was shooting and believed it was not consistent with what he was attempting to explain due to the positioning of the residences. Byrd is facing charges of recklessly endangering another person, sale and use of air rifles, and disorderly conduct.


Domestic Disputes

According to the criminal complaint, Nicholas Annarumo III, 25, of Ellwood City, is facing charges of simple assault, strangulation, harassment and prohibited acts after a domestic dispute late last month. The victim stated that Annarumo had gotten angry when she didn’t come home. She said he told her was going to kill her, putting his hands around her throat and choking her to the point of almost passing out. There were injury marks to the her neck consistent with the accusations and she was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. A small baggie of marijuana was found in the back right pocket of the actor. Annarumo was taken into custody.


According to the criminal complaint, Michele Marie Zimmer, 41, of Ellwood City, is facing charges of strangulation, simple assault and harassment after she attacked her mother early this month. Zimmer was accused by her mother of assaulting her after a dispute about money. According to the mother, Zimmer grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down, scratching her face and ripping her glasses off – causing lacerations to the center of her forehead. She also reported that Zimmer had placed her hands around her neck in an attempt to strangle her to the point where the victim reported she could not breathe and was starting to feel light headed. The mother said she was able to put her hands in Zimmer’s face and push her off, allowing her the opportunity to contact 911. Lacerations and contusions to the victims head and neck area were consistent with the accusations and Zimmer was taken into custody.

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