Police Reports: Gun Found in 2nd Street Business’s Dumpster

Gun Found in 2nd Street Business’s Dumpster

According to the police report, on August 28 Ellwood City officers were dispatched to a business on 2nd Street after receiving a call about a gun being discovered in the business’s dumpster. While taking out the trash, two employees noticed a black semi-automatic handgun discarded in the dumpster. They checked the gun to make sure it was not loaded and no magazines were found. The gun had the serial numbers scratched off. One of the employees stated the gun couldn’t have been there more than a couple days because he would have noticed it when he took the trash out. The gun was seized by ECPD and is pending further investigation.


Woman Caught with Crack Pipe

According to the police report, on August 27 around 5p.m. officers received a call regarding what appeared to be a publicly drunk woman near Uni-Mart who was waving her arms around and unable to keep her balance. Upon arrival officers made contact with the woman who pretended to fall in order to discreetly discard an object from her purse. The woman had a white substance on her lips and officers located a copper chore boy with burnt copper in her purse. Further investigation uncovered a silver spoon, a pair of scissors and the discarded object was identified as a crack pipe. The woman admitted it was her crack pipe, she had smoked crack, and that the spoon was for packing the crack into the pipe. Charges against her are currently pending.


15-Year-Old Boy Charged with Public Drunkenness

According to the police report, on August 22, officer received a suspicious persons complaint around 8a.m. The caller stated they witnessed a male laying in Circle Playground next to the picnic tables. Officers observed the male who appeared to be asleep and after waking the juvenile up, he appeared disoriented and confused but was able to identify himself. The officer asked what the teen, who appeared under the influence of drugs and was unable to keep his eyes open, was doing sleeping in the park and he stated he wasn’t sure but he was at a party the night prior and his friends gave him a Xanax which was all he could remember. Paramedics and his mother were called to the scene. EMS stated it appeared the teen was under the influence of opiates and advised he be given a dose of Narcan just to be safe. The mother agreed and stated she would be taking him to the hospital. The teen was charged with public drunkenness.

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