Medical Company Buys Old L&N Building

With the ongoing concern of the hospital potentially closing, many Ellwood residents are thankful to hear that medical companies are still investing in the local community.

Council awarded the sale of the old Ellwood City owned L&N building located in Ellport to Worksite Medical, proceeding their bid of $375,000 for the property.

The building was named after its original occupant, a North-Wales based company, Leeds & Northup, which relocated in 1997, leaving the property to industrial authorities until 2010 when the Borough took ownership of the property.

The Borough received another bid on the property in 2010 of $750,000 but refused the bid due to below-market financing options.

Although it is unclear when Worksite Medical will opening up the facility, they will be providing a mobile occupational medical surveillance service which employs a professionally-certified staff of doctors, physician’s assistants, technicians & phlebotomists that focus on keeping workers safe, and job sites OSHA-compliant, while also supporting local taxes and jobs.

“I think this is a promising step forward for the community. I’m glad to see new businesses opening up in Ellwood,” Zach Schultz, a local resident stated.

Updates to follow.

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