Police: Boy Claims His Family Treats Him like “Harry Potter”

Boy Claims His Family Treats Him like “Harry Potter”

According to the police report dated September 10, a juvenile came to the police department to report that he feels that he is being treated unfairly at home; he furthered his statement saying he is adopted, his parents don’t talk to him unless they need something, he’s forced to do chores, and he’s overall treated like “Harry Potter”.

The minor said he did not want to go back home and he was getting bit up by bed bugs that live in his mattress. He also claimed that there are bats living in the attic of the house and he researched that bat feces could be a potential health hazard, he gave pneumonia as an example of something that bat feces has been linked to causing.

Child Services was called and so was the boys father, who agreed to talk about his sons claims.

The father stated that they have had a bed bug problem previously, which was resolved, but has recently resurfaced and they’re in the process of hiring an exterminator to take care of the problem; he said that in the mean time he has had his son sleeping in another room. He also said he was unaware of bats in the attic, however there are mice droppings in his sons room due to his son taking food to his room and leaving crumbs on the floor. The father lastly noted that his son doesn’t talk to him or the mother.

Child Services and the father agreed to let the boy stay at a relative’s house for a few days.

Michigan Man Likely Selling Drugs in Wampum

According to the criminal complaint filed on Septemeber 7, Raphiel Machiavell Ballinger, 29, of Michigan had 31 gross grams of Methylone (molly) in his possession as well as digital scales and $2,116 which approximately over $1,600 of the seized US currency was matching pre-recorded official state funds (buy money) at his residing residence of 701 Church Street, Wampum, Pennsylvania. Ballinger will be faces charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Man Pulled Over Chants “Black Lives Matter”

According to the police report filed on September 10, an officer pulled over a vehicle after observing it driving the opposite direction down a one way street in Ellwood.

Upon stopping the car the driver of the vehicle attempted to exit the car, however, the responding officer advised the man to close his car door and get back into the vehicle. Once the driver complied with the command, the officer made contact with the driver and his front seat passenger, both residents of New Castle.

The officer was telling the driver why he was pulled over but the driver started rambling saying “I know what all this is about- it’s because we’re black. This is unreal.”

The officer rebutted the drivers claim saying that he had no idea who he was pulling over due to the windows illegally dark tint.

The passenger then began making comments, “all of this for a one way road, this is some racist bs- you cops do this all the time.”

Another officer arrived on scene and approached the passengers window then the passenger started chanting “black lives matter.”

The responding officer told the men to calm down and assured the men they are not racist for conducting a traffic stop.

The officer issued the driver a verbal warning.

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