Class of 1954 “Life is a Beach” Reunion

The sign welcomed the 1954 Lincoln classmates to “Life is a Beach” as presented by the umbrella picnic table, set with a champagne bottle and service, framed by two Adirondack chairs draped with beach towels on the lawn of the Ellwood City Saxon Club, on Saturday, July 16 at 3 p.m.

The attendees entered the hall entrance directed by the arrow sign held by a perched sea bird on the left and on the right, beach “sand” with two sand chairs holding beach towels set around an umbrella table. Entering the hall, they were registered by committee members Ann (DeLoia) Amadio, Eleanor Paul and Rose (Nocera) Massaro, seated at a beach table, who presented name tags, door prize tickets and directed them to Ilene (Chapman) Gardner for picture taking.

She provided a beach scene with a seascape mural painted by her, fronted by a full size lifeguard chair, with a lifesaver ring roped to the chair and a sun umbrella attached, made by her son, Jeff Gardner, and placed on a sand floor roped off by beach posts and a full size hand carved wooden pelican, provided by Terry Skillman.

Seating was available at tables covered in colors of sky blue, sea green and sun yellow with centerpieces of trays of sand containing large sea shells surrounded by small varied shaped shells provided by committee member, Arlene “Pinky” Maielli. A memorial table displaying the pictures of the 100 deceased members and votive candles, also displayed photo albums compiled by Gardner of the class events from the 50th anniversary to this 62nd party. An appetizer table, provided by the committee members, centered the room leading to the buffet table. A wall hanging of fish net holding a starfish, seaweed and a butterfly net completed the total beach scene.

Co-chairman Paul Abraham and on behalf of the co-chairmen James Spielvogel and James Gillespie, welcomed all in attendance. He recognized and expressed appreciation to the wives, Ingrid Abraham and Arlene Spielvogel and committee members Gardner, Amadio, Paul, Massaro, Maielli, Pudue La Cava, John and Patty Tino, Jan Keenan, Clemmy Sirimarco and Jackie Perno. Inviting all to dinner, he called on Gillespie to voice the invocation.

Dinner was created by Aurora’s Catering and featured pasta, meatballs, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the trimmings and was followed by the committee provided cakes and fresh fruit deserts.

Chairmen Abraham began the social calling on John Tino and Gardner who conducted a memorial service with Tino naming the classmates who have passed away since the August 2015 as Garnder lighted the seven candles in their honor. A moment of silence was observed for all the deceased. A lighter side followed with the recognition of Tom Langhel’s July 16 birthday and Abraham leading all in the singing of Happy Birthday.

The co-chairmen conducted the contest for the best beach legs and by popular vote the winner was Vita (Mariotti) Sweeney. They then followed with the beach hat contest and the winner by show of hands was Ilene (Chapman) Gardner. Spielvogel and Massaro conducted a 50-50 raffle which was won by Joyce (Fosnaught) Ierace.

Awarding of the 20 monetary and gift certificates to Betty Ann (Beatrice) Brown, Bob McDowell, Vito Colao, Patty (Boy) Gibbons, Karoline Gaul, Langhel, Philip De Sanzo, Ed Tincani, Gerald Magee, Tom Gibbons, Vita Sweeney, Spielvogel, Gloria (Burick) Houk, Ilene Gardner, Joyce (Fosnaught) Ierace, Freida (Hahn) McMath, Jan Keenan and Joyce (Wiley) Cusato ended the social program.

The classmates assembled for group pictures and committee pictures taken by Jan Keenan. They will be available for purchase by contacting committee members. Concluding the successful event, the chairmen expressed their gratitude for every persons’ participation. Extending the invitation for all to attend next year’s event, Gardner announced the theme will be “A Night at the Movies.” A flyer and invitation will be mailed to all classmates in early 2017.

Abraham expressed appreciation for everyone’s involvement and recognized the contributions of Ed and Mary Tincani, Patty and John Tino, Ron and Ann Aiken, Freida McMath, Thomas and Agnes Langhel, Joyce and Dom Cusato, Nancy (Pietrandrea) Piecuch, Evanelle (Guy) Geldorf, Dean and Sally Mook, Bob Calve, Vita Sweeney and all who support the monthly fundraising.

A wrap up committee meeting will be held on Thursday, Aug. 11 at 4 p.m. hosted by Pudue LaCava at her residence.

Photos submitted.


Seated- Arlene “Pinky” Maielli, Clemmy Sirimarco, Pudue LaCava, Paul Abraham and James Spielvogel Standing- Ilene Gardner, John Tino, Rose Massaro, James Gillespie, Pat Tino


Seated- Helen Pierce and Tom Langhel Standing- Audrey Borison, Tom Gibbons, Ray Shinsky, Ellie Paul, Clemmy Sirimarco, Rita Voght, Eugene Gaul, Nancy Piecuch, Ron Aiken, James Spielvogel, Paul Abraham, Joyce Cusato


Seated- Gail McCormick and Betty Ann Brown Standing- Jerry Magee, Bob McDowell, Freida McMath, Ilene Gardner, Dave Docchio, Pudue LaCava, Ed Tincani, Ted Syphrit, Vita Sweeney and Louise Guy

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