Ellwood Boys and Girls Track Results from Laurel Meet

The Ellwood City boys and girls track teams lost to Laurel at a home meet on Tuesday. However, Ellwood athletes captured several first places.

For the boys, distance runner Billy Lott won the 800, 1600 and 3200 meter runs while participating in a winning 4×800 meter relay team. Nick Ioanilli claimed first in the 100 meter dash and long jump.

Also taking first for Ellwood were Keyshawn Gatto in 400 meter run and River Kelly in the shot put throw.

For the girls, Madison Morella won the 100 meter dash and 100 meter hurdles while participating in the winning 4×100 meter relay team. Allie McKelvey took first in the long jump shared the win with Goldie Bookamer in the pole vault.

Also winning events were Taylor Petrak, 200 meter run, Rae Hilderbrand, high jump, and Mia DeCaria, triple jump.

Boys Score
Laurel: 85 EC: 64

 Event  1st Place  2nd Place  3rd Place
 100m  Nick Ioanilli, EC, 11.6  Scott Siddall, L  DJ Barrett, EC
 200m  Scott Siddall, L, 23.4  Nick Ioanilli, EC  Nate Russo, EC
 400m  Keyshawn Gatt, EC, 56.1  Mason Mraz, L  Isici Layne, L
 800m  Billy Lott, EC, 2:08.9  Jesse Wright, L  Colin Fair, EC
 1600m  Billy Lott, EC, 4:46.9 Jake Cahall, L  Gage Agnew, EC
 3200m  Billy Lott, EC, 10:49.8  Gage Agnew, EC  Cole McClaren, L
110h  Phil Telesz, L, 16.6  Spencer Jones, L  Norm Ballard, EC
 300h  Phil Telesz, L, 45.6  Spencer Jones, L  Tomas Maielli, EC
 4x100m  Laurel, 45.6
 4x400m  Laurel, 4:02.2
 4x800m  EC, 9:21.6

Seth Zellhart, Colin Fair,

Billy Lott, Gage Agnew

 javelin  Jake Wilson, L, 172-6  Ben Wilson, L  River Kelly, EC
 discus  Matt Hudson, L, 132-7  River Kelly, EC  Joe Sager, L
 shot put  River Kelly, EC, 43-6  Matt Hudson, L  Joe Sager, L
 high jump  Ricky Roth, 5-10  Jordan Dantico, L  Luke LeRoy, L
 long jump  Nick Ioanilli, EC, 20-6  Jake Wilson, L  Scott Siddall, L
 triple jump  Jake Wilson, L, 38-10  Jordan Dantico, L  Ricky Roth, EC
 pole vault  Luke LeRoy, L, 9-6  Norm Ballard, EC  Colton P, L

Girls Score
Laurel: 85 2/3 EC: 64 1/3

Event 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
100m Madison Morella, EC, 13.4 Taylor Petrak, EC, 13.4 Allie McKelvey, EC

Mia DeCaria, EC

200m Taylor Petrak, EC, 28.3 Madison Morella, EC Janna Conrad, L
400m Nicole Wade, L, 1:05.9 Venessa Schwartzmiller, L Natalie Skerbetz, L
800m Kayla Maraca, L, 3:19 Mia Maraca, L Katy McClelland, L
1600m Kayla McConahy, L, 6:05.1 Golide Bookamer, EC Katie Frew, L, 6:35.9
3200m Cassie Patterson, L, 14;35.6 Stephanie Kaminski, L Alison Filer, L
110h Madison Morella, EC, 17.2 Marlee Bell, L Chloe Kuffer, L
300h Anna Horvanec, L, 58.2 Marlee Beel, L, 59.9 Bekah McCosby, L
4x100m EC, 53.0

Mia DeCaria, Alena Battaglia

Karington Ketterer, Madison Morella

4x400m Laurel, 5:54.4
4x800m Laurel- 13:31.5
javelin Taylor Reese, L, 124-6 Karington Ketterer, EC Ali Troll, L
discus Kayla Emery, 81-0 Emily Brown, EC Taylor Reese, L
shot put Kayla Emery, 28-2 Emily Brown, EC Amber Emery
high jump Rae Hilderbrand, EC, 4-8 Mia DeCaria, EC

Shelby Miles, L

Kacey Caughey, L

long jump Allie McKelvey, EC, 15-8 Janna Conrad, L Karington Ketterer, EC
triple jump Mia DeCaria, EC, 31-5.5 Caroline Gisbon, L Janna Conrad, L
pole vault Goldie Bookamer, EC

Allie McKelvey, EC, 7-0

Brianna R., L

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