Reposted from 2012: Olde Stonewall Purchased by Sewickley Man

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[The Olde Stonewall story was originally written by Jon Paul Wimer and published in 2012 in an incarnation now two websites removed. It was not only one of the most popular articles of that year, but was reposted and continued to have hundreds of readers in subsequent years. So here it is, the re-reposted article.]

by Jon Paul Wimer

The “for sale” rumors of Ellwood City’s premier golf course and adjoining restaurant have been murmured for some time now, but as of Aug. 31, the sale became a reality.

Olde Stonewall Golf Course, one of the upmost public golf courses in the United States, as well as the attached Shakespeare’s Restaurant and Pub, has been purchased by Sewickley entrepreneur Joe Nocito.

“The new owner is excited for the opportunity to continue the Club’s 13 year tradition of outstanding services,” a press release stated.

According to reports by the Beaver County Times, Nocito bought the golf property and restaurant for $15 million. The course and restaurant has allegedly been on the market for several years.

Former owner Rick Hvizdak developed the multi-million dollar golf course and 30,000 square foot castle-like restaurant/clubhouse in 1999, and Olde Stonewall officially opened in June of that year.

In its first year of operation, Old Stonewall was selected in Golf Magazine’s illustrious Top Ten new public courses of 1999, and is currently ranked in the top 50 public courses in the United States by Golf Digest.

“It will undoubtedly be a difficult task to improve upon what is already recognized as the state’s premier public golf course,” as stated in the release, “but [Mr. Nocito] is committed to enhancing the experience for golfers and their families.

Interesting Olde Stonewall/Shakespeare’s Facts:

  • The boulders that line the parking lot and landscape the property each weigh between 2 – 7 tons. There are 600 million lbs. of rock on the premises.
  • The large front wooden doors were created by Fred Stephan, Big Bend Wood & Glass of Mercer, Pa. They are 12 ft. high and each weighs 800 lbs.
  • Many of the carpets and tapestries throughout the castle were purchased during the former owner’s numerous trips through Europe.
  • The 6-ft. tall Suits of Armor within the castle are replicas of real medieval suits of armor. They were made in Toledo, Spain.

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