Back to School: Updated Art Studio

The Ellwood City School District students are officially back to school starting today!

As with every new school year, things change, usually for the better and the benefit of the students. This year one of the biggest renovations the Ellwood City High School made is an updated art classroom and studio.

While the art classroom has been updated, the art studio is still undergoing further improvements, according to Ellwood City High School art instructor, Amanda Hatkevich who has been working on the two-room updates since mid-summer.

“The classroom is basically done for right now but the studio is still a work in progress. The old craft/ceramics room will eventually become more of an art and ceramics studio. We’re just waiting on funding for furniture,” she said. “It will include easels, drawing benches, pottery wheels, and more.”

As of right now the art classroom has been repainted, redecorated and organized, all of which Hatkevich believes makes it feel much more “homey.”

“I am loving it! It’s so much lighter, calmer, and seems way bigger since it has been painted. I came in over the summer to organize the supplies and materials as well as adding all the decorations to make it warmer and homier for my students.”

While art is one of the subjects that often suffers the most from budget cuts, the Ellwood City School District plans on keeping their art programs very much alive and progressing.

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