New Galilee Sex Offender Facing Felony Charges

A “tier 2” registered sex offender who is currently on probation, Micheal Lee Mills, 27, of 578 Patterson Road, New Galilee, is facing over half a dozen felony charges following an incident involving an Illinois teen.

According to the criminal complaint, on Friday June 2, the Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s Law Unit received a complain from a parent that a registered sex offender has been contacting their 17 year-old-daughter who lives in Illinois. The reporting parent stated that Mills had sent nude photos of himself to the teen.

Mills had been communication with the teen through Google Hangouts – a texting service that can be accessed through a smartphone or a computer.

After reviewing evidence stored on cellphones and social media accounts, police confirmed the accusations and took Mills into custody.

Mills admitted to have been in contact with the minor, stating he was aware of her age but proceeded to send and receive explicit photos and live video with her, and even claimed to have been in contact with her since 2014.

Mills asked the minor if she ever considered running away and told her she could live with him. After the teen tells him she is under 18, Mills replied “well I still don’t care.”

Additionally, Mills reported he had been sexually communicating with several individuals over social media, specifically Google Hangouts, videos, texts and by phone. He indicated he has been enticing minors, some as young as 12, to send nude photographs and videos to him.

Despite knowing that Megan’s Law requires sex offenders to register all social media, internet identities and email accounts, Mills had two separate email accounts, SnapChat accounts, and two social media dating site accounts. Mills said he did not notify the Pennsylvania State Police in accordance with Megan’s law registration requirements because he knew he should not have the accounts.

Mills will be facing the following felony charges, 2 counts of unlawful contact with minor, criminal solicitation to commit Title 18 (photographing, videotaping, depicting on computer or filming sexual acts), criminal solicitation to commit Title 18 (child pornography), corruption of minors, failure to comply with registration requirements, and obscene/sexual material dissemination to minors.

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