Police: Twelve Cited, One Arrested for Underage Drinking

An officer was dispatched to Second Street at 3 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 8 to investigate a noise complaint.

According to the police report, tenant John Lucchessi, 20, greeted the officer and allowed him inside. The officer found numerous intoxicated underage guests and called for assistance.

Investigating officers rounded up suspects from the second and third floor and an attic crawlspace. Officers also confiscated marijuana and drug paraphernalia. A K-9 unit was called in and discovered Thomas Maine, 20, of Ellwood City, hiding under debris in the crawl space.

Lucchessi admitted to supplying the drugs and alcohol and was arrested, pending hearing. Police tested everyone with breathalyzers and cleared several people, including the other residents. Maine was arrested for disorderly conduct and held in a cell for four hours.

Additionally, 11 other guests were cited for underage drinking:

  • Victoria Allarez-Rosario, 19, of Freedom
  • Austin Applegate, 18, of Wexford
  • Tramar Jones Kiraly, 19, of Wexford
  • Molly Oday, 18, of Pittsburgh
  • a juvenile female from Greensburg
  • Elijah Simmons, 19, of Ellwood City
  • a juvenile female from Cranberry
  • Maria Williams, 18, of Greensburg
  • a juvenile female from Ellwood City
  • a juvenile female of Pittsburgh
  • Slade Odell, 20, of Pittsburgh

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