Ellwood Resident Busted for Heroin Distribution

On January 12, Ellwood City officers served a search warrant at 806 Pershing St., a residence suspected of selling narcotics related to several overdose investigations.

Officers of the Ellwood City Police Department were aware of the resident there, 27-year-old Samantha Sutherland, and drug dealing activities.

Officers conducting the search were assisted by the Lawrence County District Attorney’s Drug Task, which Ellwood City Officers are member of. Numerous items related to the packaging and distribution of narcotics were found, including approximately 3.5 grams of suspected heroin.

Earlier in the day, officers conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle in which heroin was recovered from Ryan Carr and Jessica Knechtel; officers linked the heroin to being purchased at 806 Pershing St., just prior to the traffic stop.

“The Ellwood City PD have been aggressively pursuing suspicious drug related overdoses, some resulting in death, and while they have gotten a lot accomplished there is still a lot more to do,” Mayor Anthony Court stated.

The case is still under investigation and charges against the suspects are pending.

To date, 419 drug arrests have been made since Mayor Court has taken office.

“It’s quite clear that we grow and continue on this path of protecting our law abiding citizens,” Court said.

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  1. Why don’t the ECPD actually bust the people bringing the heroin in here instead of the little guys. It’s pathetic, they know who the people are, instead they arrest people on petty crimes and act like they did us all a favor for traffic stop busts.

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