Real Estate Transactions for November 2017

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for October, 2017:

 Special Note: 714 Pershing St; Ellwood City Hospital was sold to Ellwood Medical Center Real Estate LLC for $7,570,000.
Ellwood City
714 Pershing St; Ellwood City Hospital to Ellwood Medical Center Real Estate LLC for $7,570,000.
211 Orchard Ave; Elizabeth Moskal to Jerry, Lou Ann and Leah D. McClintick for $71,900.
306 Jefferson Ave; Babin Family Trust to Matthew Carothers and Biana Botti for $60,000.
728 Crescent Ave; Koach Joshua James IRA to Kiwew Holidings LLC for $42,000.
625 Argonne Blvd; Mary Shapiro Est to Lawrence and Karen Krummert for $167,500.
750 Todd Ave; Loretta Justine EST to Daniel Tropf and Alison West for $60,000.
706 California Ave; Benjamin and Cara Huth to Jeane Callahan for $162,900.
310 Sims St; Dorothy Fiedler to Louise Blythe for $79,000.
949 Peach St; Huntington National Bank to Petti & Anderson Properties and Investments LLC for $36,222.
Ellport Borough
102 Golf Ave; Dean Marks to Bidwell Main III and Jessica Tammaro for $136,000.
218 Portersville Rd; Fred and Judith Turner to Robert McNutt for $170,000.
226 Portersville Rd; Eric Heitzenrater to Petti & Anderson Properties and Investments LLC for $464,000.
North Beaver Township
 996 Cleland Mill Rd; Linda and Stephen Duda to Matthew Wier for $99,000.
326328 Mohawk School Road; Francescone Revocable Trust to Timothy and Stefanie Atkinson for $100,500.
1271 Cleland Mill Rd; Richard and Mary Ann Young to Teresa Westover and Justin Shaffer for $253,000.
2109 Mt. Jackson Rd; Frank and Donna Parry to Gerianne Klepfer for $275,030.
Perry Township
 3816 Grandview Rd; Merle Schilling to Chad Haefele for $136,700.
2723 Barkley Rd; Barkley Ellen Revocable Living Trust to Robert and Robin Hickman for $55,000.
Shenango Township
 3729 Ellwood Road; Michelle Archuleta to Brandy and Dennis Kermeen for $166,550.
1344 Savannah Rd; Helen Morrone Est. Keith and Kelli Nagy for $150,000.
Marjore Furlong to Marianne and John Kline and Karilynn Shaffer for $177,200.
2316 Roy Drive; Cindy and Charles Myers, Thomas, Nancy, Gary and Jill Brown to Matthew Scott Graham for $93,500.
2415 Old Pittsburgh Rd; Joyce and Anthony Benegasi to Dawnita and Charles Sauer for $95,000.
840 Old Pittsburgh Rd; Daniel and tina Kineston to John Park III for $29,000.
1306 Princeton Rd; Karen, Michael, Laurie and Margaret Lecfor to David Holder for $110,000.
1801 Jackson Ave; Susan Sparano to Chad and Victoria Strobel for $77,000.
118 Summerlin Dr; Anthony and Carol Bartley to Evan and Kristen Moscipan for $289,000.
748 Melody Lane; Timothy and Susan Fruehstorfer to Daniel Deal for $105,000.
Slippery Rock Township
 3006 Countyline Rd; Wilmington Savings Fund to Rachel Aeppli for $82,500.
578 Wildlife Dr; Harold and Miriam Wiley to David and Cara Boyer for $295,000.
429 Shady Lane; Donald and Nancy Hanicak to Gerald and Aimee Ehni for $62,500.
721 Firehall Rd; Benjamin Winegardner to Arthur and Staci Hughes for $204,500.
Wampum Borough
210 Kat St; CitiMortgage INC to Great Faith Ministries INTL INC for $36,000.
Wayne Township
206 Squaw Run Road; Alwyna M. Price to Randy and Danielle Dull for $133,000.

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