Old Photo Friday: Time Capsule

This week’s Old Photo Friday is a photo of three men (names not listed) burying a time capsule. The year the photo was taken is stated 1992.

There is not much info included with the photo, so we don’t know who the men are, where the capsule is buried (it looks like it’s near the municipal building), or what’s in it, but we would love to know – so comment below or on our Facebook post with any information you might have!

Photo provided by the Ellwood City Historical Society.


3 Comments on "Old Photo Friday: Time Capsule"

  1. The gentleman in the middle looks like Don Ries

  2. The picture is from the Ellwood City Ledger, October 12, 1992. The caption states that it is (L-R) Doug Ries, Don Ries, and Ray Biega burying a time capsule in front of the Municipal Building that is “slated to be opened in 2042.” The burying was in conjunction with the Ellwood City Centenniel celebration activities.

  3. The man in the middle is definitely Don Ries

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