Police Reports: Local Man Arrested Last Night, Possessing Several Grams of Cocaine

Local Man Arrested Last Night, Possessing Several Grams of Cocaine

According to the police report last night around 3a.m. an Ellwood City officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked on Bridge Street with the headlights on. At this time a female was observed in the drivers seat. Officers observed a male from a neighboring residence walk towards the vehicle which had now been parked and without any headlights on, he entered the drivers seat and started driving. After failing to use proper traffic turn signals while turning onto another road the officer activated the emergency lights as he was turning to follow the suspicious vehicle. The officer saw the vehicle again parked without any lights on and no one in it, but a male who was attempting to conceal himself behind a riding lawn mower was spotted nearby. The male was identified as Mitchell Coulter, 34, of New Castle. He was placed into custody for attempting to hide from an officer. Officers found $328.00 in cash and cocaine in the weight of 3.04 grams in his possession.

While Coulter was in a holding cell he attempted to tie his shirt to the cell bars to make a noose, which was promptly cut down by the officers before he was able to harm himself.

Coulter is now facing charges of possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, loitering/prowling at night, driving while operation privilege is suspended and turning without proper use of a turn signal.

He was arraigned this morning before MDJ Cartwright with a $50,000 bond.


Student Damages Car by Throwing Objects from Bus Window

According to the police report on October 23 around the time school was let out, a woman issued a complaint that her vehicle was damaged while she was sitting at a red light as a bus carrying school students drove by. She stated that a student had thrown a handful of beans out of the window at her car, resulting in minor paint damage. The bus driver was notified and said they would report the incident to proper authorities at the Ellwood City School Bus Transit.


Disturbance at Main Street Bar and Grill

According to the police report, on October 21 officers responded to a disturbance at Main Street Bar and Grill regarding several individuals fighting. Upon arrival police witnessed one of the suspects, later identified as Zachary Pounds, 21, of Ellwood City, fleeing out the front door. After leading police on a brief foot chase he was detained at the 700 block of Crescent Avenue. Pounds was fighting with another male who also attempted to flee by foot, later identified as Taurean Potter, 32, of Ellwood City. Both men are facing charges of public drunkenness and Pounds is facing an additional charge of disorderly conduct.


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