PCS Fine Arts Committee Production of Antigone – Tickets Now on Sale

Portersville, PA -Tickets are now on sale for Portersville Christian School’s Fine Arts Committee’s modern English production of Sophocles’ Antigone.

The Greek tragedy, the third chronologically of Sophocles’ Theban plays, will be presented Thursday, November 9, Friday, November 10 and Saturday November 11 at 7 PM each night, at the school, 343 East Portersville Road/Rt. 488 East, Portersville PA 16051. The director is Ryan Wise.

Ticket order forms are now available on the homepage of the school’s website: www.ourpcs.org. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Antigone’s themes include individual responsibility in response to tyranny. The play probes the consequences of the actions a person takes when faced with immoral demands of a government, in this case the ruler of Thebes.

High school and college Literature, English, Drama and World Cultures/History classes and homeschool groups are eligible for an Education Special. For every 15 student tickets purchased at the regular price of $ 8, one complimentary adult ticket will be provided.

Portersville Christian School, located 1 mile east of I-79 at exit 96, is centrally located and just 20 minutes from Cranberry Township, Butler, New Castle, Slippery Rock, Ellwood City, and Grove City.

Synopsis of the play: King Oedipus has been banished from Thebes; his sons, Eteocles and Polynices, were to share the throne, ruling alternate years. Instead, Eteocles refused to relinquish power after his ruling year. Polynices raised a foreign army to claim his year on the throne, and both brothers have been killed in the civil war that has resulted.

The new ruler, Creon, has decreed that Eteocles will be buried with hero’s honors, and Polynices will treated as a traitor, his body left unburied on the battlefield.

Antigone, Oedipus’ daughter, moves to defy the new king and bury her brother, because she believes Creon’s decree is unjust. Both Antigone and Creon claim that the gods support their actions. (Source: Wikipedia)

Please note: Antigone is a Greek tragedy. Younger children will have difficulty understanding the serious nature of the theme, and the way in which it is portrayed.

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