Cornoa D’Italia Lodge 807 Monthly Meeting Recap

The lodge held their monthly meeting on Wednesday Aug. 9 at 5p.m. at Pizza Joe’s. The session began with a pizza luncheon hosted by President Clemmy Sirimarco and served by Trustee Pudue LaCava, Secretary Jackie Perno, Historian Mary Jane Folino, Guard Lois DiFrishcia, and Delegate Esther Santilo. Trustee Patty Regna presented the invocation and extended get well wishes to Vice President Ann Butchelli and member Christine Buccelli.

The business session followed with Treasurer Louis Vitullo presenting the financial reports. She noted that some dues for the year 2017 are still outstanding and may be paid by contacting her. Secretary Perno gave her report and noted that she and President Sirimarco are updating member information and requests that a change of beneficiary be advised to them. Orator and 100th Anniversary Co-Chairman Valerie Valentino, outlined the on going planning for the December event. She presented the background history complied by Chairman Ann Butchelli and furthered plans by assigning committees. All questions or suggestions may be directed to her. She expressed her appreciation for all the support that is being received and presented candy favors to all in attendance.

A general discussion followed, with tentative plans for the Columbus Day Dimmer to be held in October. Final dates, menu and arrangements will be presented at the next monthly meeting to be held on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 5p.m. at Pizza Joe’s. Emcee Mary Quintanilla announced that the social for this meeting would not be held to afford attendees time to attend other later civic events of the day.

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