32 Year-Old Accused of Sexually Assaulting Young Boy in Chippewa Walmart Bathroom

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According to KDKA News, Adam Michael Tatusko, 32, of West Mayfield is facing a number of charges, including indecent assault and corruption of minors after sexually assaulting a young boy in the bathroom of the Chippewa Walmart last Tuesday.

Reports state that Tatusko followed the young boy into the bathroom, waited until no one else was in the bathroom, and used a “Doctor Who wand,” claiming it was a taser, to force the child into a stall and take his clothes off.

Dr Who Wand. Image from Google.

The assault ended after the boy’s father went into the restroom and called for his son, who ignored Tatusko’s threats not to answer. Tatusko then opened the stall door and claimed he didn’t touch the boy.

The criminal complaint says Tatusko also admitted to trying to do the same thing to a young boy in a Chippewa McDonald’s bathroom on Monday, July 17. In that incident, Tatusko threatened a boy with a knife and told him to take off his pants, but the child refused and fled.

Officers found two more “Doctor Who wands” and five cell phones on him.

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  1. Good now lock him up for good or put him in a state psych ward! These monsters can not be rehabbed in anyway shape or form.

  2. Screw locking him up!!!! SHOOT HIM and be done with it!!!!

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