Council Approves Lawrence Avenue Demolition

Four Lawrence Avenue storefronts are set for demolition after yesterdays council meeting.

In a unanimous vote of 6-0 with Council Vice President David DeCaria absent, the Ellwood City Borough Council approved the contract with Continental Demolition of Bethel Park for the demolition of 509 to 515 Lawrence Avenue.

DeCaria has opposed the destruction of one of the buildings, “it is true that as the lone businessperson on council I have been opposed to the demolition of the buildings on Lawrence Ave. The cost of demolition is halfway to the cost of restoring one of the buildings,” he said. “But, as is almost always the case, local government is about compromise. Council’s hard work and diligence in preparing and enacting new zoning laws has made the possibility of development in the downtown enticing enough to attract potential developers who might be interested in building on the site of the demolished buildings as well as on  other sites. Preliminary drawings have been done to show the possibilities of the new construction.”

The vacant store fronts from 509 to 515 Lawrence Avenue

The contract was approved for the amount of $270,000 and is expected to be funded by the borough’s property income, more commonly known as the “L&N” fund.

The stretch to be razed includes two buildings and four storefronts which have laid vacant for years.

Work on the project is expected to commence within the next 15 days and after completion the sites will be used for future development.

“It is vital that local government work in concert with business leaders, ECR, the Chamber of Commerce and private developers to revitalize and develop the downtown.  It cannot be done without a planned course of action which this hardworking council has provided for the citizens we represent through the Towne Center initiative,” DeCaria stated.

More information to follow.

4 Comments on "Council Approves Lawrence Avenue Demolition"

  1. Let me guess….. more parking lots?

  2. Teressa Jones Wojton | July 18, 2017 at 11:58 pm | Reply

    I would still like an answer as to why did the city purchase these buildings in the first place. I have asked this question many times and have never gotten aanswer.

  3. This will provide parking and seating for the new Ice cream shop!

    The questions to those of you whom have other ideas for these rundown buildings, why didn’t you purchase them? If the city didn’t purchase them then who else was going to do so? Also does anyone know if Bob Viella gets his hair done?

  4. I really don’t think anyone will build on that site and it’s likely going to be another park/green area. No one is beating down the doors to come to Ellwood to build in the middle of downtown.

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