Real Estate Transactions for May 2017

Ellport Borough
401 Mahoney Ave; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew and Jordan Snedeker for $46,403.06.
227 Grim Ave; Cynthia and Jerry Coxson to Lynn and Erwin Campbell for $35,000.


Ellwood City
3 Fountain Ave; Heraeus Electro Nite Co LLC to WEA VI Limited Partnership for $2,476,000.
78 Pittsburgh Circle; Patricia Kuhn and Agnes Ficher EST to Margaret Myers and Robert A Van De Geijn for $64,000.
636 Orchard Ave; Allison and Lois Justice to Jesse Boots for $57,000.
610 7th St; Jean Clyde to Cody Zakovich for $43,900.
1203 Center Ave; Matthew and Alexis Lamenza to Jesse and Michael Orsborn for $47,500.
103 Wampum Ave; US Bank National Trustee to SIM Investment Group LLC for $17,120.
904 Woodside Ave; Charlotte Varrati to Susan Provan for $59,900.
1013 Aetna Dr; Frank Stefura to Jesse and Samantha Damico for $137,000.
412 Byng St; Regina Vignovich EST to Kenneth and Andrea Kramer for $120,000.
211 Foch St; Freddie Mac Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Concetta Schwartz for $60,000.


Little Beaver Township
279 Old Enon Unity Rd; Sterling Enterprises LLC to Glenn and Teri Truxel for $20,000.


North Beaver Township
4340 Edinburg Rd; Robert G. Robb to Wendy Nail for $45,137.50.
2665 Enon Rd; Hector and Christine Oliver Rivera to Mark Micco and Peggy Laughner for $176,320.00.
1121 State Line Rd; Dawna Tayebi and Gail Wesolowski Calamera to Troy Bonzo for $91,500.
228 Old Hickory Rd; Donald, David, Virginia, Mark, Paula, James, and Barbara Bredl and Toni Chovanetz to Christopher Bredl for $60,000.
106 Clark St; Aaron Berezniak to Brandon and Darlene Fuchs for $96,900.
656 W. Poland Rd; Randall Vlah EST to Keith Reigh for $74,999.
1632 E. Poland Rd; Mukesh Patel to Rodney Anderson and Jill Sizer for $60,000.


Perry Township
1875 Portersville Rd; Mark A Leonhardt EST to Linda Leonhardt and Diane Klingensmith for $63,750.


Shenango Township
 2805 Princeton Ave; Sally Ann Owrey to John Welch for $78,000.
3827 Gibson St; David Maiella to Todd Grimes for $100,000.
743 Harmony Baptist Rd; Michael Pasquale to Alyssa Bartz for $95,000.
38 Springhill Lane; Brian Schmidt to Carl and Shirley Kirkwood for $225,000.
805 Allegheny Ave; Michael and Diane Birckbichler to Cherry Ann Beckwith for $102,000.
406 High Meadow Dr; Joseph Fava EST to John Biangone and Susan Sparano for $157,000.


Slippery Rock Township
5836 Countyline Rd; James L. and Tiffiney R. Kilsoo to Bruce L. and Karen Tanner Drotleff for $400,000.
4050 Ellwood Rd; James and Allison Paglia and Terri Lynn Carlson to William and Ann Quimby for $134,900.
3661 Princeton Rd; Michael Roberts to Jospeh Ottaviana for $154,750.
Wampum Borough
1420 Davidson St; Dennis and Amy Stiles to Nicola Riley for $79,000.
233 Kay St; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nicole Butera for $47,000.


Wayne Township
135 Oswald St; Castlerock LLC to Jon and Anne Disher for $35,425.
918 Mount Hope Rd; Copper Sally Irrevocable Trust to Stephanie Smith for $125,000.
4456 Ellwood Rd; Robert and Patricia Pyles Trustee to Scott and Morgan Stich for $128,000.

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