Ellwood City Primary Election Results

The primary election results for Ellwood City and surrounding Lawrence County areas have been posted on Lawrence County’s official website.

Republican incumbents, Connie MacDonald and David DeCaria lost to their challengers, running mates Rob Brough, John Cress, Brandon Fisher, and Lisa Guerrera, by over 100 votes.

According to the site, Guerrera led the Republican party with 323 votes, Brough followed closely behind with 320, Cress with 305, and Fisher with 285. DeCaria finished with 173 votes – one more than MacDonald’s 172 votes.

Democratic incumbent Michelle Lamenza lead the Democratic party with 335 votes – only five votes more than former councilman James Barry. Caleb Cragle had 254 votes, John Pansera had 251, and Bryan Vincent had 174.

To fill the available four council seats, Brough, Cress, Fisher and Guerrera will be facing off against Lamenza, Barry, Cragle and Pansera in the general election November 5.

With four seats also available on the Ellwood City school board, each of the six school board candidates will be advancing through to the general election.

New comer Kathy McCommons leads the school board with 455 votes, incumbent Renee Pitrelli and newcomer Norm Boots are tied in second with 396 votes, followed by Barbra Wilson with 385, Kathy Pansera with 350, and incumbent Anthony Buzelli with 348.

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  1. How fitting is it that out of touch Connie MacDonald had the fewest amount of votes? Good job Ellwood City Republicans for not backing Mac! Maybe he can put those Hillary Clinton signs back in his front yard.

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