School Board Meet The Candidate Night Set For Tomorrow Evening

The Ellwood City Kitchen Cabinet will again be hosting Meet the Candidate nights starting with the School Board candidates tomorrow evening, Tuesday, April 25 in Municipal Building auditorium from 6:30-8:00p.m.

The Kitchen Cabinet started Meet the Candidates Night so guests could have the opportunity to attend and listen to the candidates present their remarks as well as answering questions.

Four seats are up for election on school board and running candidates include incumbents Anthony Buzzelli, Kathy Pansera, and Renee Pitrelli, who will be running against three newcomers, Barbara Wilson, Norm Boots, and Kathy McCommons – all of which cross-filed for Republic and Democrat.

Elected school board officials will make decisions regarding school programs, staff, and other education related issues in the best interest of the students.

The Ellwood City Borough Council Candidate Night will be on Thursday, May 4 at the same time and place as the school board.

Four seats are also up for election on Council, with 11 running candidates. Current Republican council members Connie MacDonald, David DeCaria, will be running for re-election against Rob Brough, John Cress, Brandon Fisher, and Lisa Guerrera and current Democrat Councilwoman Michele Lamenza will be running against former Councilman James Barry, and new comers Caleb Cragle, John Pansera and Bryan Vincent.

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  1. I think Bernstein should throw rose petals as they walk in

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