Construction on Koppel Bridge to Commence Jan. 30

Photo from Bridge Mapper

Koppel Bridge, one of the most used bridges for Ellwoodians, is finally going to be replaced with a modern steel bridge; construction will commence Jan. 30 and is speculated to last into summer of 2018.

Although the currently standing bridge, which was originally constructed almost a full century ago is still safe to commute on, the goal of the new bridge is to make it even safer and more efficient.

The new bridge will be constructed with steel girders, it will be 34′ wide with two 12′ travel lanes and two 8′ shoulder lanes. There will be no weight limit changes.

The total cost of the bridge will be 26 million.

Throughout the first year of construction there will be random single lane closings from 9a.m.-3p.m. only on Monday-Friday days. There will be no lane closures on weekends.

In the spring of 2018 the bridge will be completely closed for 72 days, signs alerting of traffic change and detours will be appropriately placed.

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  1. Wait a minute. Why no weight limit change? Is the new bridge not gonna be better than the old one? Why even build it then?

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