Real Estate Transactions for October 2016

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for October of 2016:

Ellwood City

614 Hillcrest Dr; Margaret M., Fred, Marisa Rose, and Mark A. Santillo and Michele Steri to Mark A. Santillo for $80,000.

226 Orchard Ave; Kimberly D. and Robert L. Boyle to Justin A. and Jodi L. Carter for $123,600.

604 3rd St; David J. and Nicole Marie Gulish to Shannon L. and Nicole Marie Gulish for $89,900.

935 Border Ave; Kathy J. and William L. Fazenbaker to Briana Lynne Viccari for $50,000.

315 Pittsburgh Circle; Huntington National Bank to Jonathon Patrick and Timothy Zelinka for $25,200.

21 Pittsburgh Circle; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Trustee to James D. Marks for $51,600.

310 Sims St; Julianne Brown to Dorothy F. Fielder for $75,000.


Ellport Borough

207 Martin Ave; Laura E. Neupauer EST, Jon E. Neupauer, and Julia Ann Taylor Davis to Stacey Lynn Barile for $50,000.

109 Wright Ave.; Robert and Robin Hickman to Garrett and Jo Krummert for $85,000.

216 Mazen Ave; Justin Hart to Kayla M. Gould and William J. Taylor for $68,000.


North Beaver Township

1284 Moravia Rd; Bryce S. and Joelene L. Meiners to Ryan R. and Amanda M. Fink for $247,000.

319 Brewster Rd; Leonard J. and Shana Quimby to Rebecca A. Vogel for $260,000.

107 Shannon Ave; Robert and Mary Ellen Connelly to Ethan F. Buzard for $125,000.

102 Germanski Lane; Federal National Mortgage Associates to Jennifer R. and John C. Berkebile for $64,552.

4205 State Route 18; William H. and Ann M. Kumrow to Ronald D., Molly A., and Katherine L. Hennon for $185,000.

942 Cleland Mill Rd; Norma Joan Grauso EST to Adam J. Cangey for $130,000.


Shenango Township

2715 Bryn Mawr Ave; DLJ Mortgage Capital INC to R&M Real Estate Investments for $78,500.

410 Jenny Lane; Elaines Estate LP to Cesar and Beatriz Garcia for $350,000.

143 Big Run Creek Rd; Ronald M. and Marlene A. Esposito to Albert D. Burick III for $90,000.

4 Quarry Rd; Franklin J., Matthew J, and Franklin J. Pounds Jr. and Tracy Owens to Matthew J. Pounds for $150,000.

2075 State Rd; Jeffrey L. Richards Trustee to Tori Richards for $161,575.00.

2609 Monsour Dr; William and Melony Konopasek to William Q. Emerich for $264,500.

815 Rose Stop Rd; Ronald L. Williams to James M. Conway for $220,000.

1200 Brookshire Dr; Diane and Robert Kolodzie to Alyssa M. and James W. Pyer for $480,000.

2098 Boyd School Rd; Glenn and Peggy Sullinger to Matthew A Bruno and Katrina /m. Heaney for $185,000.

708 Old Butler Rd; Tamara Pieri to Ryan J. Chrevka for $103,000.


Slippery Rock Township

3495 Shaffer Rd; David O. and Karen J. Hockenberry to Zachary J. and Jessica J. Simons for $151,000.

1433 Mill Bridge Rd; McFall Helen S. Trest to Donna C. Wargo for $51,600.

2381 Perry Hwy; William Clarence Tindall Sr. EST to Dustin A. Bicehouse for $149,000.


Wayne Township

132 Dutch Ridge Rd; John W. and Valerie Graber to Josh Murphy and Kathleen Gibbons for $147,000.


Wampum Borough

1404 Davidson St; Margaret L. Warnick EST to Rosalee West and Michael W. and Christopher W. Power for $65,000.


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