Local Company Hosts Halloween Party

Eric Ryan Employees

In celebration of Halloween, the Eric Ryan Corporation, one of Ellwood City’s largest employers, hosted their annual employee Halloween Party today which included festivities not only for the employees but also for the children and grandchildren of the employees.

Employees enjoyed a luncheon with a large array of homemade dishes, a parade around the building, and a costume contest complete with prizes for the winners, and for the children the office hosted an “office Trick or Treat”.

The participating staff spent a lot of time and effort setting up for the party; the office was divided into two groups and each group selected a theme to decorate their “space”, specifically for the enjoyment of the children. The telecom/sales department did a Candy Land theme and the Administration/Utility department went with the Pumpkin Patch theme.

The children and grandchildren of the ERC, TPE, VSG and TyDagio staff participated in trick or treat throughout the office while employees gave out treats to the kids. The Candy Land group had a popcorn machine with freshly made popcorn and the pumpkin patch provided fresh spun cotton candy. The pumpkin patch set up photo booths for the kids to take pictures with different props including a pumpkin patch booth and a cutout cardboard pumpkin.

The Eric Ryan Corporation has had yearly Halloween parties for their staff for over a decade and they don’t plan on stopping the tradition any time soon.

‘We put a lot of time into these events, and the outcome is always fantastic. We love doing this kind of stuff and it’s great to work for a company that cares about the happiness of the employees. It’s known among us that we work hard, but we get to play hard -we have a lot of fun working here’, an employee of Eric Ryan said.

The general vibe of the Halloween Party was fun for the whole family, and even those without children could still be seen with a smile on their face.

The employees are looking forward to the next upcoming event, the annual employee craft show and pot luck luncheon which is hosted the day before Thanksgiving. The event will showcase participating employees talents with homemade “craft” items, baked goods, candy, jewelry, candles, knitted items, paintings, and cosmetics.

Gallery of photos posted here.

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