Peggy’s Floral in Wampum Meets Every Floral Request with Beauty

Peggy’s Floral has been a staple in Wampum since 1960, when it was opened by Peggy Rychlicki as the perfect place to pick up a bouquet on the way home or order just the right flowers for a prom corsage. Over the years the store evolved and became not just a florist’s shop, but an eclectic gift shop as well.

In April of 2014, Valerie Hemphill purchased Peggy’s Floral from the original owner and recently moved it to its current location at 324 Main St. in Wampum. Valerie’s decision to move to the beloved shop from its original location to its new one was practical – moving the short distance up the main street of Wampum gave the store more exposure to passers-by. Valerie also enjoys having a shop that truly reflects her personality, designed and decorated so that it offers a new and exciting style. Because the new location has formerly housed other businesses, visitors sometimes reminisce about the “good old times,” and Hemphill wouldn’t have it any other way.

Full Service with a Custom Flourish
Peggy’s Floral is a full service retail florist, offering everything from funeral arrangements to complete wedding décor and bouquets. Hemphill works with fresh cut flowers, permanent silk arrangements and green plants in order to give her customers plenty of choices. She also carries fruit and gift baskets, jewelry, home décor and sympathy items at a variety of price points. Every arrangement that leaves the shop is branded with Peggy’s Floral’s green bow with a gem in the center. The signature bow is quickly becoming recognized by local customers as a sign of quality.

Hemphill explains, “I want every arrangement that leaves Peggy’s Floral to have my signature bow because I want people to know that I’m proud of my work and that I stand behind every arrangement. Many of my customers are amazed by how long their cut flowers stay fresh. They often tell me that their flowers have stayed fresh and beautiful for as long as two weeks. I’m very proud of that; it’s why I don’t skimp on the cost of my flowers. I’m blessed that the Lord has given me a talent to work with such beauty and I want to deliver that to my customers.”

One of the most unusual requests Hemphill received was for a recent casket spray. The deceased’s family wanted a funeral arrangement that incorporated a large set of Elk antlers to pay tribute to his passion for hunting.

“We never say never,” Hemphill notes. “I worked personally on the Elk antler funeral spray and it was lovely. After the service, I posted pictures of the funeral spray on the Peggy’s Floral Facebook page and was amazed by the number of hits we received! We’ve had thousands of visitors compliment us and forward the photos to others. That tells me that I’m doing something right.”

A Philosophy of Faith and Tradition
Hemphill notes that her faith is the foundation of her success. “My philosophy is true faith in God, thanking Him every day, knowing he put me here for a reason. I work hard every day, just like my parents taught me to. I always try to smile even when it’s difficult because I’m adding beauty to someone else’s day. I am blessed to make the lasting gift someone gives their departed loved ones and I’m blessed to make a memorable picture of beauty in couples’ wedding photos. Peggy’s Floral can be a part of every major milestone in a person’s life; that’s not something I take lightly.”

“I’m proud every day when I open the door to my shop because I know I’ll see returning customers who depend on my commitment to quality. Carrying on the business name established years ago by Peggy Rychlicki is my tribute to the owner who came before me and who offered the same personal touch and superior products. I’m looking forward to continuing that tradition for years to come.”

Peggy's Floral - Ribbon Cutting

Deb Sudano, Terri Stramba, Susan Burkhart-Rodgers, Chris Payne, John Hemphill, Dennis Boariu, Valerie Hemphill (Owner), Therese McShea, Peggy Rychlicki (Original Owner), Mayor Jeff Steffler and Brad Ovial.

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