Ellwood City United Fund to Release Funds Early

Connie MacDonald, president of the Ellwood City United Fund, announced on Tuesday, Nov. 10 to the United Fund Agencies that they would receive the last allotment of funds, totaling $25,000, two months early. United Funds’ money is normally released two times a year with the last allotment in January of the next year.

The United Fund Board decided because of the budget impasse this would give the United Fund agencies some relief in providing services. Thanksgiving and Christmas are when most of our agencies find themselves stripped for extra funds due to theĀ  needs of our community.

The Pennsylvania budget crisis now drags into its fifth month and is starting to have a devastating effect and is disrupting the vital services provided by the United Fund Agencies.

The agencies to receive the early allotment of funds are:

  • Mark Enterprises
  • Ellwood Family Center
  • Education Foundation
  • City Rescue Mission
  • Ellwood Public Library
  • People-in-Need
  • Human Services (Unicenter)

The Ellwood City United Fund still needs your help as we collect funds for the agencies for the year of 2016. Please help- send donations to EC United Fund, P.O. Box 174, Ellwood City, PA 16117. Thank you.

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