Tubular Production Plant to Close in Ellwood City

On Thursday night, the Borough of Ellwood City received a letter from Sabre Industries, a steel tubular production plant located on Second Street, informing them that they would be closing their Ellwood City factory.

According to a published report, the Alvarado, Texas based company plans to stop manufacturing for good between July 29 and August 13. The elimination of this branch will cause up to 80 employees to lose their jobs.

Sabre Industries, also located in Sioux City, Iowa, will offer the Ellwood City employees the opportunity to continue their work with the company in either Iowa or Texas. According to Sabre Industries’ website, the firm was operating three tubular structures facilities in Texas, Iowa and Pennsylvania before the announcement of the Ellwood City closing. Click here to see all locations belonging to Sabre Industries.

The Ellwood City branch was the smallest of Sabre Industries’ three plants. The letter reportedly stated that the plant was closing because of the decreasing business in the surrounding areas. Sabre Industries had purchased the production plant and operation from independent manufacturer Jet Industries in 2012.

There has been no further plans made yet for the use of the building after the official closure of Sabre Industries.

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