Criminal Complaints and Police Reports

Domestic dispute left victim walking to the nearest police station

According to the criminal complaint filed on August 16, a woman reported a domestic assault involving her and her boyfriend of six years. The victim said the incident took place when the two of them were riding in the defendants car together, going towards Ohio, and an argument started. The boyfriend, Michael Lee Nash, 41, of Florida, supposedly struck the victims face several times causing a laceration upon the bridge of her nose. The victim asked the defendant to pull his car over so she could urinate, where Nash again assaulted her outside of the truck. Not long after that the victim asked to be let out of the car and the defendant complied, leaving her on the side of the turnpike, which she followed to the nearest police station to report the incident. Charges are unknown at this time due to the defendant not being located, a warrant for the defendant was requested.

Children playing on a local street without supervision

According to the police report, on the evening of August 17, police responded to a juvenile complaint located at the 100 Block if Duncan Avenue. Officials made contact with the caller who stated that she had seen two young children playing on the road and in a front yard unsupervised and she was concerned about their safety. The police officer confronted the mother of the children who said that her three year old knows how to unlock doors and he must have gotten out. The officer advised the mother that if the children were found outside again unsupervised, CYS would be called.

Criminal mischief complaint(s)

According to the police report, on August 19, police were dispatched to a Beechwood Blvd. resident who wanted to report damage to her cars. The victim stated that someone threw rocks at her 2010 BMW and 2008 Audi. She informed the responding police officer that another officer had passed through the day prior and warned her of recent criminal mischief complaints that had been taking place in that area. She claims she didn’t see any damage on her cars that day.

Police are investigating several other recent mischief complaints in the area and advise local homeowners to be alert.


According to the police report, on August 24, officers responded to a call regarding an erratic driver spotted turning onto Lawrence Avenue. Responding officers waited at an intersection for the car and then proceeded to follow it for a couple blocks. When they saw the car swerving they pulled it over. Police noticed a strong alcohol smell emitting from the vehicle so they asked the driver, Jason Robert Zink, 33, of Ellwood to step out to perform a few sobriety tests. One of the tests consisted of Zink raising a leg of his choice, about six inches off the ground, and counting to 30 without putting his foot down. Zink only made it to 10 and he put his foot down after every number in order to regain his balance. Zink failed all the tests officers asked him to perform; he was arrested for DUI and taken to the Ellwood City Hospital for a blood test.

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