Borough to Apply for $268,000 Grant for Park Revitalization

The Ellwood City Borough will apply for a $268,000 state grant for upgrades to Ewing and Stiefel parks.

The grant is a 50-50 match, so the total project will amount to $536,000. Earlier this month, council indicated it’d like to apply for at least $100,000 but by its meeting on March 21, council had established the current figure.

The borough is working in concert with Lawrence County to apply for the grant provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The project will take place over 2017-18, which will spread out the cost. The borough’s contribution will utilize money from the Marcellus Shale fund. In addition, the borough may match the state’s contribution with labor and material provided.

“It’s quite an energetic program, and one that will last for years and market the advantages of living and working in Ellwood City,” borough manager Bob Villella said.

According to Doniele Russell, joint recreational planner for Beaver and Lawrence counties, Ellwood City is likely to receive the grant because previous state grants have been put to proper use.

Council Vice President David DeCaria, chair of the Parks and Recreation committee, said there are over $2.5 million in renovation plans. The initial stages performed with the grant money prioritize the most important projects.

The checklist of the renovations and cost for each is as follows:

  • Total project cost of $536,000: DCNR grant will request $268,00 matched from borough’s $268,000
  • Ewing Park Total: $436,000
    • Drainage Improvements to festival area and around pavilions: $71,000
    • Drainage Improvements to Park Drive: $36,000
    • Shelter 1: $31,000
    • Shelter 2a: $18,000
    • Shelter 2b: $19,000
    • Shelter 3: $34,000
    • Shelter 8: $44,000
    • Folino Shelter: $25,000
    • Restroom upgrades: $6,000
    • Trefoil Lodge: $16,000
    • Interior Walkway System: $53,000
    • Pool Improvements: $71,000
      • Tot Lot Spray Pad-Plumbing and Drainage Apparatuses
      • Fence Improvements
    • Bocce Improvements: $12,000
  • Steifel Park: $100,000
    • Lower Ballfield Improvements: $34,000
    • Lower Ballfield Parking Lot: 160’ x 100’ $56,000
    • ADA Improvements and Signage: $10,000

Park1 Park2

Short Project Summary:
Ellwood City Borough will rehabilitate two community parks, Stiefel and Ewing, based on recommendations from their recently completed Master Site Development Plans. The Borough looks to implement the priority projects from both plans in each park. For Stiefel Park, the project includes the rehabilitation of the lower baseball field and corresponding parking area with an ADA walkway and signage (work includes the installation of a drainage system ADA access, and signage at the field).  For Ewing Park, projects will consist of the rehabilitation of five picnic shelters, the Folino Stage, the Trefoil Lodge, restrooms, bocce courts and pool fence.  Additionally, the installation of grass paver surfaces in the picnic grove, corresponding drainage improvements, installation of an ADA interior walking system, construction of a new Tot Lot Spray Pad and the installation of pluming and drainage apparatuses in the pool area are proposed.


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  1. I would love to see some money put towards the tennis courts they are in great need of resurfacing……

  2. Once again its ALL ABOUT THE FESTIVAL

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