New Story Layout Offering More Features

Beginning July 1, implemented a new layout format for its daily news stories and press releases.

The new format has exciting features for our valued readers in addition to a clean format with larger and more legible fonts, photos and graphics. The new layout offers a feature for our readers to search older articles with search results available in a descending date format. Readers are also able to sort by author.

A new story comment area allows our valued readers to post feedback in discuss story topics. Story comments are moderated using our website Terms and Conditions and comments are posted throughout our normal hours of operation.

We encourage all of our valued readers to take a moment and continue reading this release in full and provide feedback on the new layout.

A simple poll has been made available to collect votes (as seen on right), and readers are also encouraged to post story comments regarding the new layout. There are required fields to submit a story comment, but your e-mail address will not be published.

For further information or to inquire more, our visitors are encouraged to e-mail our staff inbox (

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