Police Cruiser Purchase Causes Dissension in Council

Council voted to purchase a new police cruiser at Monday’s council meeting on October 19. However, the vote was not unanimous.

Council members Ralph Chiapetta and David DeCaria voted no. Chiappetta said that due to low patrol hours in the police department (about 2.4/man hour), he couldn’t justify purchasing a new cruiser.

“The police department has been focusing on drug activity while other crimes, such as vandalism, are on the rise,” Chiappetta said.

David DeCaria joined Chiappetta in the dissenting vote, adding that the decision “won’t affect the safety of officers or the public.”

However, the other five members of council all voted yes.

“I believe the officers’ equipment needs kept up to date,” Connie MacDonald said as he voted yes.

The cruiser in question is a 2016 Interceptor SUV, which will be purchased from IbisTek in the amount of $38,823.55, which will be paid from the General Reserve Fund.

The motion was originally on the agenda in September but had been tabled by a motion raised by Chiappetta and joined by DeCaria, Michele Lamenza, and Brad Ovial.