United Fund Annual Campaign

The United Fund will start its annual campaign drive on October 1st for the year 2018. Over the past few years, we find ourselves behind in meeting weekly goals to reach the $50,000.00 that is needed to support the United Fund agencies. We usually receive donations and pledges that equal approximately 80% of what is needed. We would encourage everyone in the Ellwood City area to reflect on what they may share with others who are less fortunate than ourselves, so we can make a difference in their lives. The Ellwood City United Fund has been serving the community for over 50 years. Just one donation from you will provide funds to the many agencies who serve our community. It is always,hard and disappointing to know that we will have to possibly cut necessary funding to our agencies, when our friends and neighbors are in need of services. Also, at this time of year you start to receive every day multiple request for donations to numerous charities. This sometimes can be very confusing because you cannot give to everyone that makes a request. Your one donation to the United Fund shares your gift with aU 10 of our agencies that serve the needs of our community. Your gift whether large or small will directly benefit those close to you and others in the community. Your compassion and understanding has always been what makes Ellwood City a great place to live. More than ever, we need your continued support this year and into the future. Thank you for caring. Send donations to: Ellwood City United Fund, PO BOX 174, Ellwood City, PA. 16117.

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