Ellwood City Arts and Crafts Festival

Since 1981, thousands of community members have been celebrating the Ellwood City Arts and Crafts Festival – and the 2017 festival is expected to be just as successful.

The event, scheduled for next week June 30-July 2 at Ewing Park, will include a wide variety of activities, performances and vendors for everyone in the Ellwood City community to enjoy!

Festival funds (when there is a positive balance) go back into the operating fund for the next year, with a reserve held for possible emergencies. The Festival Committee is all volunteer and the Committee is a non-profit organization, solely in existence as the driving force to make the Festival happen! All Festival committee members donate their time to make the Festival possible year after year.

More information about the Arts and Crafts Festival can be found on their official website, also a list of events and performances is available to view as well.

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