Yard Waste Pick Up

Yard waste pick up for Ellwood City is scheduled for the week of May 15.

The following information is gathered from Ellwood City Borough’s official website:

YARD WASTE PICK UP: Green borough yard waste bins are also available for residents to dispose of their simple yard waste. Yard waste bins are available for purchase for $53.00 and can be purchased at the borough utility office or by calling 724-758-5576. Yard waste bins are collected on specified weeks throughout the calendar years. Dates are also provided on borough utility bills.

If a resident has extra yard waste that does not fit into a container, it is recommended that they bundle and tie branches together. The branch bundles can be no longer than 4 ft. and should be placed next to the container. For all other extra yard waste, residents may place these items in the brown biodegradable bags that may be purchased at the Borough Building or most hardware stores. Please do not place the items in plastic bags as the waste dump sites for yard waste materials will not accept these items.

LARGE TRASH/ITEM DISPOSAL: The Borough of Ellwood City also provides service to help disposing of large trash/items. Purchase a sticker for the appropriate item at the Borough Electric Office, place the sticker on the item to be recycled, put the item out for pickup on your normal refuse pick-up day — the refuse hauler will pick the item up!

View Large Item Program and Fees


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