Bernstine: Government Must Do Things Differently

Freshman lawmaker offers thoughts on state budget process

HARRISBURG – Following the governor’s budget address, Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence) outlined his priorities for the 2017-18 state budget in the statement below:

“As I take part in the budget process for the first time as a state representative, I’m concerned with how any new proposals will affect the hard-working people of the 10th District. Too many men and women are still unemployed, and many working folks are still struggling to make ends meet. The voters sent me to Harrisburg to protect them from the dangers of excessive government spending, to help restart our economy and to bring jobs back to our region. As the process evolves over the next few months, I intend to remain vigilant on behalf of the working men and women who just can’t afford to give government an increase in its already out-of-control allowance.”

“As we wade into the details of the state budget, we must first look at ways to cut spending and invest taxpayer dollars only in the most vital government services if we want to move Pennsylvania forward. I have heard dozens of examples of inefficiencies, wasteful spending and outright fraud in our systems, so I’m excited to work together with my colleagues to find and fix some of these problems and map out a more responsible spending plan for Pennsylvania.”

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3 Comments on "Bernstine: Government Must Do Things Differently"

  1. so your gonna fix excessive govt spending by pumping millions into a lake 99% of people dont use ?? your running an end around blowing smoke up peoples back ends.

  2. “The voters sent me to Harrisburg to protect them from the dangers of excessive government spending,”

    • No. The voters sent you to Harrisburg to reduce the size of the legislature, the largest in the nation.

    • No. The voters sent you to Harrisburg to reduce the gasoline tax which is the highest in the nation.

    • You mention excessive government spending while $3.5 million was given to the restoration of the Kaufman House in Zelienople and $300,000 to the Zelienople Community Park.

    • Now you want to spend $21 million for a lake to serve only a very small group of fishermen, again in Zelienople.

    • Where’s Harrisburg’s help with Ellwood’s electric department building? What’s so special with Zelienople getting all this excessive spending?

    • You should be honest. It’s not a spending problem. It’s a revenue problem. There are hundreds of millions in delinquent taxes.
    •Corporate tax rate is 9% and consumer tax rate is 40%. You were sent to Harrisburg to make the rates fair.

  3. $21 million (which most likely will be $42 million with cost over runs and payments to special interests) will be nothing but a political albatross at our expense.

    It’s funny that Hereford Lake wasn’t a priority before the election. These alleged fishermen who are demanding it’s restoration were never heard from before the election. Now it’s a big priority. This entire issue sounds mighty fishy.

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