November 3 Election: EC School Board Summary

Five candidates are running for five positions. Barring the unlikely chance of a successful write in campaign, the five candidates will be sworn in this December.

However, the school board will see a substantial reorganization as three newcomers will replace three members who chose not to run for reelection.

In Pennsylvania, school board candidates do not run on party platforms, so all five will be listed on both the Democrat and Republican tickets.

The new candidates, Erica Sutkowski-Gray, Jennifer Tomon, and Danielle Woodhead, are all Parent-Teach Organization members. At the Kitchen Cabinet’s Meet the Candidates prior to the primary election, all three touted their small business experience and goals to control the school’s budget and have more parent involvement in the school board.

The two incumbents are Mike Neupauer and LeRoy Cortez, current president and vice-president. Both feel their experience will be an asset to the school district in a time of financial difficulty for public education and a shrinking Ellwood tax base.

Board members Jennifer Cortez, George Garda, and Bob Stevenson chose not to run for reelection.

A full list of candidates running for Lawrence County and local office can be found here.