VIDEO: Fifth Street Bridge Renovation

Watch the sparks fly as crews work to renovate the Fifth Street Bridge. Crews from Thornbury Inc of West Sunbury, Pa. are working to repair the deteriorating condition of the old railroad overpass, including removing and repairing concrete, removing calcium deposits, replace downspouts and reroute the storm sewers on Fifth, and redirect any ground water from plugged holes. After that, the crews will be replacing the entire sidewalk on the north side of the bridge, facing Lawrence, and erecting a 60-foot long, 6-foot tall chain link fence on top of the abutment. Work is expected to be completed Nov. 22.

Easter Sunday Shooter Suspected in Western Pennsylvania

UPDATED: 4/18 at 10a.m. A manhunt has been warranted in several states after suspect, Steve Stephens, shot and killed an elderly man midday Easter Sunday and uploaded the killing to his Facebook page. According to reports, Stephens, 37, of Cleveland Ohio, fatally shot random passerby 74-year-old Robert Godwin in a residential area east of Cleveland, uploaded footage of the shooting to his Facebook, and fled the scene. Last night police stated the suspect “may be out of state,” and prompted locals in the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan to be vigilant on his whereabouts. “He is considered…