phone scam

Phone Scam Warning

There have been several phone scams floating around lately and State Representative Aaron Bernstine just posted another phone scam warning:

Phone Scammers Target Posies by Patti

Local Ellwood business, Posies by Patti updated their Facebook page with a warning to their customers: “SCAM ALERT!! SCAM ALERT!! It has come to our attention that our BUSINESS NAME and possibly our PHONE NUMBER is being used in a SCAM. Caller ID will show POSIES BY PATTI but it will be a scammer. Please DO NOT give out any personal information or agree to anything the scammers ask. They are trying to get your information for their use. If you get any phone calls from Posies by Patti, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and please feel free to call us to…

Mayor Warns of IRS Phone Scam

Mayor Court has received several phone calls from residents about the “IRS” asking for money for back taxes. Once again several residents (especially elderly residents) are being targeted by phone calls stating that they owe the IRS money for back taxes or fees due to them. The caller tells the resident they must return their call or the IRS (SCAMMER) will begin the procedure to prosecute them for money owed. Mayor Court reminds residents that this is a scam that has been popping up throughout many communities targeting the most vulnerable, specifically the elderly, for quite some time and they…