Ellwood City Police, Firemen Receive Commendation for Life Saving Event

Several Ellwood City volunteer firemen and two Ellwood City officers attended yesterday’s council meeting while Council President Connie MacDonald read their commendation. On October 4th, a man working at Blank Concrete and Supply Co. went into full cardiac arrest, police officers Matthew Kennedy and Robert Magnifico were first to arrive on scene and immediately started CPR. Together both the officers and firefighters performed life-saving techniques on the man including using an AED to stabilize him while waiting for paramedics to arrive. Due to the fast action of these men, the patient is expected to make a full recovery and will…

Helling Stadium Fallen Pole Causes Severe Damage

Proceeding a storm with 60mph winds Friday evening, during a delayed football game at Helling Stadium a light pole at the stadium fell, struck two people, and damaged areas of the field and a Noga Ambulance. According to recent reports, 13-year-old Jaidyn Le’Viere, a junior cheerleading coach entering eight grade at Lincoln Junior-Senior High School, sustained injuries including lacerations in her back and a broken hip. An unidentified adult male was also injured by the pole, believed to have sustained a broken arm as a result of the pole’s collapse. The light pole fell towards a pop-up tent between the…

FIRE VIDEO: ‘The House is a Total Loss’

The Ellwood City Fire Department responded “almost immediately” to a fire on the 100 block of Orchard Avenue Thursday evening. “We actually had a truck up the road for a separate call when the fire broke out. Some neighbors ran up to the truck and said 130 was on fire – so we responded almost immediately,” Ellwood City Fire Chief, Rick Meyers stated. Despite the fast action, due to the layout of the property it was difficult for the responding departments to get to the center of the fire – which they believe started in the kitchen/dining room area. The…

Ellwood City Man Facing Felony Charge for Injury-Causing Hit and Run

According to the criminal complaint, Michael Ray Magill Jr., 38, of Eidenmiller Lane, has been charged by state police as a result of causing serious bodily injury during a crash and fleeing the scene. On June 2, an officer was dispatched to the area near 2590 Chewton Wurtemburg Road for a report of a two vehicle crash, in addition the officer was advised that multiple subjects fled from the scene. Upon arrival the officer observed a disabled Ford Focus, belonging to George Richard Weller, with no driver or passengers in the vehicle. A prescription pill bottle belonging to Magill was…

Cigarette Causes Garage Fire Sunday Night

A car is destroyed following a garage fire that happened Sunday around 9:30p.m. at an Ellwood residence located on Keystone Way. According to the Ellwood City fire chief, the fire started after the homeowner threw a cigarette on the garage floor, possibly igniting gas residue on the ground. No one was injured.

PennPower Worker Killed After Fatal Accident

A PennPower worker was killed Sunday in Wayne Township after a fatal accident involving the bucket truck he was in occurred. James George, 54, of New Castle was working on power lines around noon when the bucket truck became unstable and tipped over, causing George to fall nearly 30 feet. George was with two other coworkers during the time of the incident, both of which remain unharmed. First Energy and the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the incident and what caused the truck to tip over. First Energy issued a statement saying they are deeply saddened by the loss.

PHOTO: Firefighter Honored After Passing

Richard “Dick” Streckeisen, 73, of Ellwood City, was honored after his passing Sunday morning. Dick was a faithful and devoted firefighter who was suffering from ALS. “Dick did more for others than he would ever think of doing for himself. He was our 2016 Firefighter of the year and will be greatly missed by the entire community,” a fellow fire fighter stated.

Criminal Complaints and Police Reports

Domestic dispute left victim walking to the nearest police station According to the criminal complaint filed on August 16, a woman reported a domestic assault involving her and her boyfriend of six years. The victim said the incident took place when the two of them were riding in the defendants car together, going towards Ohio, and an argument started. The boyfriend, Michael Lee Nash, 41, of Florida, supposedly struck the victims face several times causing a laceration upon the bridge of her nose. The victim asked the defendant to pull his car over so she could urinate, where Nash again…

Ellwood City Crime Watch

Crime Watch Meeting, September 1 @ 6:30 pm in council Chambers All residents are welcomed and urged to attend.

Breaking News: North Sewickley Fire- Man Airlifted to Pittsburgh Hospital

Emergency responders were called to the scene of a blazing fire Monday morning. The fire happened at a Pete Brown’s Garage, located at 284 Glendale Road in North Sewickley. The owner had to be airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital due to his injuries. According to fire officials, the fire was ongoing and a challenge to control due to oil and tires located in the garage. The cause of the fire is speculated to be electric related, due to workers claiming they heard “popping” around an electrical box earlier in the morning. Responding departments were North Sewickley, Franklin, Ellwood, Daugherty, and…