VIDEO: Lawrence Avenue, Bell Avenue Demolition

The demolition of the buildings stretching from Bell Ave., to Lawrence Ave., is making “great progress,” according to Borough Manager Bob Villella. Recently the construction group has brought in an even larger – more specified machine to complete the job due to the tight space. The Volvo [pictured below] is larger than the standard, standing at over 70ft tall, and has extra features including a retracting and expanding axle, water sprayer to keep dust down, and cameras all around for a complete 360 view around and on the claw for precise viewings of everything going on from inside the cabin….

PHOTOS: Lawrence Avenue, Bell Avenue Demolition Progress

Following the progress being made on the demolition of 509 through 515 Lawrence Ave., these photos were snapped this morning by our journalist to show the current state of the buildings. As of right now the front side of the stretch is still intact. We are still waiting to hear back from the Borough Manager regarding the expected completion time of the project. Updates to follow.

Lawrence County Commissioners to Vote on Allocation Among 9 Local Municipalities

With nearly $600,000 in funding requests but with only slightly above $100,000 in available funds for 2017, the Lawrence County Commissioners will be voting on where $84,500 will be allocated among nine municipalities in Lawrence County. Due to the counties responsibility to maintain only 27 bridges and no roads, the county commonly has an excess of revenue funded by Pennsylvania’s gasoline tax. They often use the excess for distribution among the local municipalities for liquid fuel-eligible projects. Although commissioners agreed to give money to each community that made a request, none of the municipalities received the full amount requested. Ellwood…