Photos: CVS Pharmacy and Municipal Building Ramp

The exterior of the CVS Pharmacy under construction on Fifth Street and Spring Avenue is nearing completion and windows were added recently. The pharmacy is expected to open in the fall. The new handicap ramp at the rear of the Ellwood City Borough Municipal Building is in the final stages. The ramp will be in compliance with ADA standards. At its meeting on June 20, borough council designated additional handicap parking sports near the ramp. Photos by Jonathan Cortez/

Photos: Walls of CVS Pharmacy Under Construction

Walls of the CVS Pharmacy on Spring Street and Fifth Avenue in the construction process. The pharmacy is expected to be completed by fall 2016. Photos by Jonathan Cortez/  

Photos: CVS Construction

Photos from April 15 and May 6 showing the progress of the CVS Pharmacy construction on Fifth and Spring Avenue. Construction is expected to be finished by late summer/early fall. Also included is a photo of the renovation to the rear of the Ellwood City Municpial Building. The unused restrooms have been removed to make way for a new handicap ramp. Photos by Jonathan Cortez/

Photos: CVS Construction

Construction continues on the CVS Pharmacy at Spring Avenue and 5th Street. Photos by Jonathan Cortez for

Photos: St. Agatha is No More

Wednesday morning, a few walls of St. Agatha were standing but by 11 a.m., only rubble remained as the final upright structures were demolished. The gallery below shows the staircase still intact. Construction has begun on a pit, presumably for the foundation of CVS. According to the design plans, much of the land where St. Agatha was will be used for a parking lot while the pharmacy building itself will be where the apartment buildings were. Photos by Jonathan Cortez/

Photos: St. Agatha Deconstruction

St. Agatha’s roof is half gone and the north wall has been demolished. It’s half-destroyed look combined with storm clouds made it a particularly haunting image today.       Photos by Jonathan Cortez/

Opinion: Replacing St. Agatha with a CVS Was a Mistake

Every Friday, I walk down to Spring Avenue and snap a few pictures of the gradual deconstruction of St. Agatha. At this stage, the church looks as if it was hit by a World War II bomb run. I think it was a mistake to tear down the church and a mistake to replace it with a CVS. Earlier this week, shared a column from Triblive on the negative effects of destroying local landmarks, and St. Agatha was used as an example. St. Agatha was one of Ellwood’s oldest buildings, had distinctive architecture and was culturally significant for the…

Photos: CVS Deconstruction Crews

Deconstruction crews are now working on taking apart the church brick by brick, apparently beginning with the archway facing Fifth Street, which has now been all but removed. Shingles have also been removed facing Spring Avenue. There are minor traffic stops on Spring Ave west of Fifth Street, so taking an alternative route may be preferable. Photos by Jonathan Cortez/

Photos: St. Agatha Deconstruction Underway

Demolition of the properties west of St. Agatha nears completion while deconstruction of the church is underway. The windows facing Spring Avenue have been removed, and crews have been dismantling the inside as well. According to local CVS sources, the new pharmacy is expected to open sometime next fall and the current CVS in Franklin Plaza will relocate to the new location.     Photos by Jonathan Cortez/