Hitched and Unhitched: October and November

The following are those who filed to be married during the months of October and November.

Who’s Getting Hitched?

  • Anthony Michael Pasquale, 27, to Kristin Marie McGuire, 33, of Ellwood City.
  • Julie Louise Pinder, 25, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA., to David Aaron Cline, 28, of Portersville.
  • Kelsey Ann Moore, 22, to Jared William MacDonald, 27, of Ellwood City.
  • Bradley C. Parker, 55, to Dawn L. Ramsey, 44, of Ellwood City.
  • Alex Phillip Buben, 28, and Leanne Marie Erwin, 29, of Ellwood City.
  • Samuel J. Shelter, 20, of Darlington, to Amanda A. Miller, 19, of Enon Valley.
  • Wilbert James Schwartz, 57, to Rohnda Sue Schwartz, 54, of Ellwood City.
  • Connie Marie Ordy, 57, of Ellport, to Norman D. Cupples Jr., 62, of Portersville.
  • Earl D. Cooper, 49, to Lydia Maureen Lutz, 34, of Ellwood City.
The following are those who filed for divorce during the months of August and September.

Who’s Getting Un-Hitched?

  • Robert Wiley III, 37, of New Castle, to Jennifer L. Gricks, 37, of Oil City