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Ewing Park School to Come Down After Festival

A contract was awarded last week to a Pittsburgh area company for the demolition of the Ewing Park School, effective immediately after the completion of the Arts, Crafts, and Food Festival in Ellwood City. Following a collection of 12 bids from companies in three different states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, the school board selected the lowest bid of $48,000 submitted by A.W. McNabb of Oakdale, Pa. for the demolition. A bid for the demolition went as high as $143,000 and the average bid was approximately $83,000. The closest company to Ellwood City to submit a bid was Dressler Excavating…

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School District Leaves Photo Situation Alone

Last night, with over 15 area photographers in attendance, the Ellwood City Area School Board announced they removed the proposed plan of using one company for all of the school’s photos from the meeting’s agenda. “As you can see, there are a lot of personal photographers that would hurt from this and could potentially put them out of business,” board member Bob Stevenson said. On Monday, the school board proposed the idea of using Clark’s Studio of New Castle as the sole photography company for the district – they would have the exclusive rights of taking all school photos including…