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Meet the Wolverine Workshop Facilitator

[This is Part 3 in a series on the Ellwood City Area School District’s Makerspace program. The previous articles can be read here and here.] At the beginning of August, everything was set for Perry School’s Wolverine Workshop to be fully operational for the 2015-16 school year. The room’s construction was almost complete, and the technology ordered. The one thing missing was the faculty member. The position was filled at the school board meeting on Aug. 13 when the board hired Scott Setzenfand, of Economy. Unlike the equipment, which is a one time cost paid for by an innovation grant,…

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Medical Cannabis Round Table Discussion, Part 2

“I want to take the Wild West out of cannabis and bring it into a controlled, medical environment,” State Senator Mike Folmer said repeatedly during the medical marijuana round table last Thursday, an event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Folmer’s journey to become a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3 was of a personal and educational nature. “I’m from a very conservative area,” Folmer said. “I’m a Bible-thumping Presbyterian, but when I learned about the research, I realized we’ve been lied to for 70 years about the cannabis plant.” The main purpose of the round table was to present the…

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Medical Cannabis Round Table Discussion, Part 1

Five guest speakers addressed a crowded room in the Ellwood City Municipal Building’s auditorium yesterday. They were there for a medical cannabis round table discussion sponsored by the Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce. The audience included citizens from Ellwood and surrounding areas, Borough Council President Brad Ovial, two school board members, and Leah and Olivia McGurk, two wheelchair-bound children with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy- a disease that medical cannabis has proven effective against where other pharmaceuticals have failed. A crew from Armstrong cable was also present to film the discussion….

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Ellwood City School District Plans K-12 Hands-On Technology Workshops

[This is Part 2 in a series on the Ellwood City Area School District’s Makerspace program. Parts 1 and 3 can be read here and here.] Perry Lower Intermediate School will be equipped with a Wolverine Workshop for the 2015-16 school year. The workshop will have high-tech equipment such as a 3D printer and robotics. However, the Wolverine Workshop is one of several planned Makerspaces in the Ellwood City Area School District. The administration plans to create one at Lincoln High School. An old computer lab next to the library will be renovated and the wall between the room and…

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Borough Council Almost Creates Illegal Parking Lot

At Monday’s Borough Council meeting, council members unanimously rejected a motion that would advertise an ordinance establishing two parking lots, one of which would have been illegal. The lots in question are on Sixth Street and Bell Avenue and in the 600 block of Lawrence Avenue, west of Burger King. The borough had previously demolished the buildings on the property and now own the lots. The motion, as it appeared in the agenda, was the following:“A motion would be in order to advertise an ordinance establishing an umetered parking lot at the corner of Sixth Street and Bell Avenue for…

Mayor Disappointed in Community

At Monday’s Borough Council agenda meeting, Mayor Anthony J. Court voiced his disappointment with the community. Nine political signs have been stolen from four candidates. The Mayor wishes to inform all that the police department is taking this very seriously. The maximum fine for stealing a sign is $300, which the Mayor will push for when the guilty are apprehended. It is believed more than one party is involved. Additionally, drivers are still speeding in the Borough. In just 12 hours, 55 citations were issued in speed traps. The Mayor will continue using speed traps until the problem is solved….

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Parking Meters May Be Coming to Crescent Avenue

At the meeting on Monday, April 20, Ellwood City Borough Council voted unanimously to advertise an ordinance placing three two-hour parking meters on the intersection of Crescent and Sixth Street, between Sixth and Vosler Way. This followed complaints from local business owners that cars have been parking all day in the area, hindering customer parking for the businesses. At the meeting, visitor Robert Wilson, of Robb’s Ignition, addressed the Council and explained that he prefers to park cars there after working on them until the customer can pick them up. According to Wilson, he is not the only business owner…

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Audit Finds Ellwood School District’s Technology Outdated

A technology audit presented by Questeq to the Ellwood City Area School Board at its meeting on Jan. 15, found the District’s technology outdated and inconsistent. Questeq CEO Jeffrey Main reported that the District’s technology policy is reactive and lacks consistency. Over half of the District’s 2200 devices are over five years old. Some computers still run Windows XP, an outdated operating system Microsoft ended support for in 2009. Erin Parkison, the high school’s librarian, reported that some of the computers are older than the students. However, Questeq reported that Ellwood City is not unique. The company does audits across…

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Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Announces New Executive Director

The Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have named Lori Wilkerson-Hilliard as the new Executive Director of the Chamber. She will be replacing current Executive Director Terri Stramba, who has held the position for the last three years. “The decision to leave the Chamber to focus on the recent expansion of my family business has been a difficult one, as I love this job,” Stramba said. “However, knowing that Lori shares my passion for the community and the mission of the Chamber makes it easy to move from leading the Chamber…

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Twenty-Five Cameras Installed At Walnut Ridge Complex

On Tuesday, Mayor Anthony J. Court and the Lawrence County Housing Authority (LCHA) members gathered at the Walnut Ridge Housing Authority location to kick off the installation of 25 State of the Art cameras. The Mayor stated the project would be completed in approximately six weeks. Mayor Court stated the changes at this location were inevitable and he is pleased with these improvements. The high definition-digital zoom cameras will be plugged directly into the Ellwood City Police Station and cruisers for on the spot viewing. The Mayor lobbied for these cameras and believes this is a step in the right…