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PHOTOS: Lawrence Avenue Demolition Nearing Completion

The demolition of the buildings on Lawrence Avenue is nearing completion. The majority of the buildings have been taken down with only a small portion in the front left to be razed. Check out these pictures taken yesterday at 4p.m. below.

Domestic Human Trafficking Seminar: “Together We Can End This Modern Day Slavery”

Earlier this year, two Lawrence County men were charged with domestic human trafficking – an issue that Barb Bohizic, activist against human trafficking and co-founder of Stop Taking Advantage of the Needy, Disabled and Disadvantaged (STANDD), says happens a lot more in the community than people realize. Several years ago, after personally meeting an underage boy in Wayne Township who had admitted that his father would offer him to friends in exchange for drugs, Bohizic knew she had to do something to raise awareness in the community. “The boy admitted to me what was happening and after an investigation they…

PHOTOS: Lincoln High’s 2017 Homecoming Court

The 61st annual Homecoming festivities at Lincoln High School will take place the first week of October, culminating with the football team facing the Beaver Bobcats on Friday, October 6th. The Homecoming King will be crowned by the cheerleaders during the Friday afternoon Pep Rally and the Homecoming Queen will be crowned during halftime of the football game. This year’s King’s Court features an honorary member, our foreign exchange student from Japan, Taku Watanabe. Pictures below are: Girls Homecoming Court: Top Row: Allison Lynn, Michaela Magnifico, Jade Woloszyn, Dia Neupauer Bottom Row: Kristen Simon, Madi Pedaline, Grace Blake, Neisa Carsele…

First Fall Foliage Report

Pennsylvania is known for its extremely beautiful landscape especially in the fall. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  posted the first fall foliage report of the 2017 year, highlighting different regions throughout the state. The chart shows the expected peak time trees will be turning into their typical fall colors. It appears as though Lawrence and surrounding counties will peak between October 8-14. As of right now, trees are estimated to be about 5-10% turned. Check out the full report here.  

College, Smiley Street Repave Project Reaches Completion

As a result of a Joint Paving Project between the Borough of Ellwood City, Columbia Gas and the PA American Water Company, the street from College to Smiley Street was repaved. This project which involved these utilities brought about new water and natural gas services to the residents. In addition, the participating utilities actually performed restorative and replacement sidewalk and handicap ramp improvements and even some driveway aprons where necessary. “This is an indication of the types of projects the Borough has been engaged in with the utilities and will continue to work with them to get the projects completed…

Free Public Wifi Hotspot to be Installed at Pittsburgh Circle Playground

By early October Circle Playground should have public wifi installed courtesy of Armstrong Cable. This will be the third borough-owned property in the community to have free public wifi. The other two areas are the Community Plaza on Lawrence Avenue and the public pool at Ewing Park. Borough Manager Bob Villella says the wifi installation will be beneficial for the Borough as well as the local community. “This will be a great thing not only for the community, but for the Borough as well,” Villella stated. “We will now have the ability to install security cameras to monitor the premises…

Bridge Work Expected to Cause Delays, Traffic & 80-Mile Detour

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is using an innovative engineering procedure, Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC), which allows workers to replace bridges in 55 hours instead of requiring a year or more of roadway construction. As a result, there will be a PA Turnpike closure in our area that will likely have a major impact on travel at the end of September. This closure will result in a significant detour that will add more than an hour to travel time. “Motorists will face a lengthy detour that will add more than an hour to their travel times,” PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton said….

VIDEO: Lawrence Avenue, Bell Avenue Demolition

The demolition of the buildings stretching from Bell Ave., to Lawrence Ave., is making “great progress,” according to Borough Manager Bob Villella. Recently the construction group has brought in an even larger – more specified machine to complete the job due to the tight space. The Volvo [pictured below] is larger than the standard, standing at over 70ft tall, and has extra features including a retracting and expanding axle, water sprayer to keep dust down, and cameras all around for a complete 360 view around and on the claw for precise viewings of everything going on from inside the cabin….

Lemon Toss Challenge: “More Than Just a Fundraiser”

As part of childhood cancer awareness month, two local teachers have decided to take part in raising awareness and funds for the cause by organizing a lemon toss challenge at the Wolverines, Beaver Falls football game this evening. Cara Atkinson, a teacher at the Ellwood City School District and creator and sponsor of Club Hope at the high school, has teamed up with her brother, Nick Nardone, the head coach of Beaver Falls to put together what they hope to be a annual event. “This is our first year doing the lemon toss challenge, but we hope to make it…

PHOTOS: Lawrence Avenue, Bell Avenue Demolition Progress

Following the progress being made on the demolition of 509 through 515 Lawrence Ave., these photos were snapped this morning by our journalist to show the current state of the buildings. As of right now the front side of the stretch is still intact. We are still waiting to hear back from the Borough Manager regarding the expected completion time of the project. Updates to follow.