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Meet the Wolverine Workshop Facilitator

[This is Part 3 in a series on the Ellwood City Area School District’s Makerspace program. The previous articles can be read here and here.] At the beginning of August, everything was set for Perry School’s Wolverine Workshop to be fully operational for the 2015-16 school year. The room’s construction was almost complete, and the technology ordered. The one thing missing was the faculty member. The position was filled at the school board meeting on Aug. 13 when the board hired Scott Setzenfand, of Economy. Unlike the equipment, which is a one time cost paid for by an innovation grant,…

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Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce Hosts “Stars & Stripes USO Dance”

On Saturday, Aug. 29, guests at the Stars & Stripes USO Dance hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce will be able to step back in time to a different era for an evening of dancing, music, refreshments and more that will whisk them back to America’s home front during World War II. The dance is the brainchild of three Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce Directors (Dan Franus, Bob Rivers and David DeCaria) who are enthusiastic about sharing a bit of the past with others. “The USO dance isn’t a strictly military function,” Franus, of Franus Architectural, says. “We are…

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Local Racer Wins 2015 Kid Kart National Title

Hoyt Mohr, six years old of Chewton, recently raced in St. Louis, MO and was on top of his game, winning the 2015 Kid Kart Restricted Class National title. Mohr is a rookie at racing Go Karts but he is gaining experience every time he goes out on the track. Hoyt started his race career last year at his home track of Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Wampum. He travels with his parents, Scott and Katie, and younger brother Chase to tracks in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina and most recently Missouri as well as attending all race events at his…

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Medical Cannabis Round Table Discussion, Part 2

“I want to take the Wild West out of cannabis and bring it into a controlled, medical environment,” State Senator Mike Folmer said repeatedly during the medical marijuana round table last Thursday, an event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Folmer’s journey to become a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3 was of a personal and educational nature. “I’m from a very conservative area,” Folmer said. “I’m a Bible-thumping Presbyterian, but when I learned about the research, I realized we’ve been lied to for 70 years about the cannabis plant.” The main purpose of the round table was to present the…

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Medical Cannabis Round Table Discussion, Part 1

Five guest speakers addressed a crowded room in the Ellwood City Municipal Building’s auditorium yesterday. They were there for a medical cannabis round table discussion sponsored by the Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce. The audience included citizens from Ellwood and surrounding areas, Borough Council President Brad Ovial, two school board members, and Leah and Olivia McGurk, two wheelchair-bound children with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy that begins in infancy- a disease that medical cannabis has proven effective against where other pharmaceuticals have failed. A crew from Armstrong cable was also present to film the discussion….

Real Estate Transfers from August 2015

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for August of 2015: Ellwood City 610 North St; Tyler and Nicole Robbins to Derek and Samantha Decoute for $130,000 511 Denny Ave; Richard, Trisha, Thomas, Lora, Alex, and Paula Herman to Nico and Alaina Bellissimo for $98,000 93 Madison Ave; Shawn and Corrina Butteri to Ronald and Dixie Chappell for $86,000 105 Spring Ave; Rebecca Meyers to John and April Chervick for $85,105 107 Wampum Ave; Gilda Santillo Est to Amy Comperatore…

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Ellwood City School District Plans K-12 Hands-On Technology Workshops

[This is Part 2 in a series on the Ellwood City Area School District’s Makerspace program. Parts 1 and 3 can be read here and here.] Perry Lower Intermediate School will be equipped with a Wolverine Workshop for the 2015-16 school year. The workshop will have high-tech equipment such as a 3D printer and robotics. However, the Wolverine Workshop is one of several planned Makerspaces in the Ellwood City Area School District. The administration plans to create one at Lincoln High School. An old computer lab next to the library will be renovated and the wall between the room and…

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Perry School to Create a Makerspace Workshop, the Future of Education

[Part 1 in a series of articles exploring the Ellwood City Area School District’s developing Makerspace program. Parts 2 and 3 can be read here and here.] The Ellwood City School District is on its way to having a fully operational makerspace workshop serving the K-12 student population. That’s fabulous, but what is a makerspace? A makerspace is loosely defined as an area where people can make things. It is a workshop area with various high-tech and low-tech equipment where people work on projects, collaborate, and problem solve. The endeavor is the collaborative vision of several of the school district’s…

Photos: Bazaar 2015

The annual Holy Redeemer Bazaar is an Ellwood classic with foods, rides, entertainment and raffles for all to enjoy.      

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49th Annual Holy Redeemer Bazaar Begins Today

Tonight the 49th Annual Holy Redeemer Parish Bazaar returns to Ellwood City for four nights of rides, games, food and entertainment. From Wednesday, July 29 through Saturday, Aug. 1, the Holy Redeemer parking lot will be packed with visitors enjoying all the Bazaar has to offer. As the period of incessant rain now seems to have ceased, this year’s Bazaar will benefit from sunny, warm, and dry weather. Last year, the Bazaar Committee shortened the Bazaar from four days instead of the traditional five. The four day precedent will be continued this year. Everyone’s favorites will be returning, and there…