Police: Woman Leaves Child in 90 Degree Heat

Woman Caught Stealing Leaves Child in Stroller in Scorching Heat

Rebecca Lynn Irwin, 31, of Ellwood, was caught stealing from the Ellwood City Dollar General on Friday morning. This was not her first offense stealing from here – before this specific incident she was already banned from the premises because of previous thefts.

While she was being questioned by the police she kept looking toward the apartment building behind them and saying “I need to check on my baby.” But when police asked her where the baby was she said her friend was watching it.

Shortly after, the police talked to the defendant who showed them video surveillance of Irwin stealing items and putting them in her infants stroller, clashing with the information about her child that Irwin had originally given the police.

As police detained Irwin, she stated that she needed to get her child who was in the stroller that she parked behind a bush in an attempt to hide the stolen items. It was almost 90 degrees outside that day so the police immediately took the child and placed him in an air conditioned cruiser- separate to the one Irwin was in. They later reviewed the items in the stroller and confirmed they were property of the Dollar General.

Irwin is being charged with receiving stolen property and child endangerment.


DUI Hit and Run- Drove With Missing Tire

According to the police report, a man is being charged with a DUI after striking a parked car on 5th Street, Sunday night. Officials were notified of a hit and run crash via a civilian who decided to follow the suspects car, which lost a tire in the crash and was driving on just a rim, until cops arrived. The driver of the vehicle was Jerry Boots, 18, of Ellwood. When cops arrived on the scene they saw Jerry and his friend walking into their residence with a case of beer. Boots told the cops he wasn’t drunk but after failing multiple sobriety tests he admitted “I’m drunk, I’m drunk, just get this over with”. Boots was then taken to the hospital for a blood test.


10 Year Old’s Caught Stealing

According to the police report, on Sunday, two 10 year old boys were caught stealing from the Rite Aide in Ellwood. They stole six packages of Pokemon cards.


Suspicious Man Walking Around In Underwear

According to the police report, at 8:27 p.m. Saturday, police were dispatched to Massachusetts Drive in Ellwood because of a complaint regarding a man performing seemingly suspicious behavior. Upon arrival at the scene, officials were greeted by a man who was walking around “dazed and confused, in a grey T-shirt and boxer shorts.” The suspect claimed he had just got back from the methadone clinic and he “took his Xanax today”. Since he was not doing anything disorderly, police just advised the man to go home.


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