Real Estate Transfers for June 2016

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for June of 2016:

Ellwood City

Center Ave; Filomena F. Swoger Est to Paula A. McClintick for $37,800.

507 Lawrence Ave; Mary Blank DiCaprio to Golmic Ventures LLC for $40,000.

306 Wood St; Tim and Susan J. Zelinka and Jonathan and Shaelin N. Patrick to Sheri L. Smoot for $110,000.

21 Pittsburgh Circle; Qaiser and Tracey Hasan to Deutsche Bank National Trust for $1,288.17.

1013 Aetna Drive; Joseph Gould and Cynthia Edinger to Wells Fargo Bank NA for $2,382.42.

62 Pittsburgh Circle; Lisa M. and Christopher Ketterer to Jacob J. White for $142,500.

519 Pine St; Scott C. Kinard to Christine A. and Paul W. Kinard for $73,000.

803 California Ave; Matthew R. and Ashley J. Herko to Shane K. Shaw Henderson for $122,000.

304 Pershing St; Diane D. Patterson to Anthony P. Yvonne R. Ovial for $120,000.

606 Hillcrest Drive; Karen M. and James E. Swanson to Michael V. Robinson for $58,200.

202 Foch St; Stanley E. and Mary Ann Sutkowski to Nikki L. Ierino for $147,000.

408 March St; Lillian D. French to Toni A Hozick for $86,000.

215 Entrance Drive; Mark C. and Lorri L. Baldelli to Tim A. Craven for $74,000.

N/A; Mary Jane Seidel Est to Paul Honneffer for $42,000.

Ellport Borough

Martin Ave; Roy Randolph and Deborah M. Parker to Norge Borio III $79,900.

105 Duncan Ave; Kevin L. Cunningham and April L. Poloka to US Bank NA Assoc Trustee for $1,689.06.

Enon Valley Borough

281 Russell St; Dennis G. and Thelma S. Seidler Estate and Deborah K. Schaffer to Tammy Price for $26,000.

Little Beaver Township

Cook Road; Georgie L. Hora to Jeffrey P. Fitch and Jessica C. Tully for $13,000.

1932 State Route 351; Kevin L. and Nancy J. Douglas to Michael A. Naleppa for $231,000.

North Beaver Township

789 Cleland Mill Road; James Byron and Deanna Maria Miller to Patrick and Stephanie McNellis for $320,000.

Devil’s Backbone Road; Deanna Maria Miller and James Byron to Patrick and Stephanie McNellis for $35,000.

630 Mt Jackson Road; Irene G. Veri to Rohn A. Jr. and Mandy M. Sambol for $110,000.

1794 E Poland Road; Robert L. and Darlene K. Glass Trustee to Carlo C. and Kristen R. Dinardo for $153,000.

4708 State Route 18; Anthony Natale to Tracy Bucci and Daniel H. Ritenour for $25,000.

N/A; Jamie L. and William S. Russell to William S. Russell for $160,700.

Mt Jackson-Bessemer Road; John E. Tancabel to Bryan and Holly Hobel for $35,750.

132 Mohawk School Road; Helen L. Fletcher Est to WHF Management Inc for $40,000.

Perry Township

3831 Grandview Road; Kathryn L. Morgan to Jeremy Lucas and Nathalie M. Kuffer for $270,000.

3427 Grandview Road; James F. III and Nicole Mars to Lisa and Anthony Gagliano for $205,000.

Shenango Township

2910 Old Pittsburgh Road; James M. Coates Est to Jared Gess for $47,850.

833 Schenley Ave; Deborah and Wayne R. Kosciuszko, Kath and Mary Dombeck, and Ronald, Michael and Denise Germani to Eric B. McLaren for $55,900.

1815 Old Butler Road; Thomas P. and Louise A. Weingartner to Joseph M. and Jennifer L. Scarfone for $339,000.

Joe Lane; William A. and Linda H. Blacksmith to Michael S. and Michele E. Houston for $35,500.

2439 Willowhurst Circle; Alicia R. Leadbeater to David L. McConnell and Ariel Mihal for $98,320.

N/A; John M. and Jodi L. Peluso to Edward Firster for $280,000.

816 Lakeview Ave; Jared E. and Lori A. McCowin to Stephanie A. Huffman and Edward T. Davis for $112,000.

2413 Ridgewood CT; Jason M. and Mary J. Letera to Shelby N. and Edward R. Wright for $145,000.

416 Aiken Road; Alan W. and Shirleen K. Zeilger to Christina M. and Robert A. Flamino for $215,000.

3827 Gibson St; Dorothy O. Anderson to David A. Maiella for $48,000.

1905 Tony St; Charles Catalano to Bryan and Carrie A. Braunbeck for $49,280.

913 Pleasant View Dr; Elaines Estates LP to Hamzeh F. and Dana M. Alfasatleh for $190,000.

614 Shenango Stop Road; Ronald K. and Marci J. Dechesero to Jeremiah D. Peak for $150,614.

217 Aiken Road; Edward P. Ott Jr. to Claytone L. and Marie P. McDaniel for $232,500.

1419 Old Butler Road; Dorothy Mae Williams Est to Allen Cole and Sara Stephens for $79,900.

2420 Ruth St; Mario and Catherine M. Nocera to Phillip E. Rodgers for $99,900.

19 Links Drive; Clara Est Fava to Glenda Gomez Diaz for $145,000.

2427 Willowhurst Circle; US National Assoc to Arthur and Patricia Snodgrass for $21,500.

Slippery Rock Township

4324 Ellwood Road; Curtis R. and Kristen J. Brogren to Gary M. Bruick and Joseph H. Holtman for $24,700.

4100 Ellwood Road; Patricia L. Kerr to Gary M. Burick and Jeffrey J. Langer for $35,000.

3228 Countyline Road; Jerome J. and Jerry J. Cowan Est to Susanna DiFrischia for $60,000.

2171 Mill Bridge Road; Nancy Peak to Elmer Stewart for $17,000.

Wayne Township

186 Ren Lee Ave; Travis M. Bailey to Drew M. and Keisha Borselli for $229,000.

281 Laurel Ave; Nancy C. and Allen T. Brandt to Eric P. and Carla Franciscus for $193,000.

N/A; James T. Jr. and Michele K. Irwin to Amy J. and Casey L. Allen for $105,000.

171 Eliza St; George A. Fabich Jr. to Jocelyn E. Kelly for $79,500.

Ellwood-Wurtemburg Road; Marlene Ann Leech to Jared Adam Foreman for $8,000.

4414 Hollow Road; Linda A. and William J. Smith to Shawn C. and Melissa Exley for $143,000.

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