Real Estate Transfers for April

Courtesy of the Register & Recorder section of the Lawrence County Government Center in New Castle, the following are real estate transfers from the Ellwood City Area for April of 2016:

Ellwood City Borough

  • 503 Foch St; Stanley, Carolyn, Brian, Kim, Martin, Rose Mary, Erik and Tabatha Conti to Katherine Lucchesi for $80,000.
  • 13th Street; Brian and Tina Froce to ATA Properties LLC for $5,000.
  • 512 Wood St; Mario Simeoni Est to Dennis Majors for $90,000.
  • 204 Johnston Drive; Michael Pasquale to Ashley Glover for $105,000.
  • 214 Line Ave; Jeffrey and Lorri Smiley to Hello Fitness LLC for $76,000.
  • 627 Park Ave; James and Darla Greene to Erik Sobel for $13,500.
  • 225 Hazel Ave; Alfred and Rita Mazzanti to Margaret Fenske for $40,000.
  • 307 Franklin Ave; Patricia Suppa to Karen Britton for $79,000.
  • 410 Pershing St; Sue Ann Kardish Est. to Zachary Carr and Ashley Court for $85,000.
  • 510 Franklin Ave; Timothy Lon to Angela Bivens and Robbie Stockett for $82,400.

Ellport Borough

  • 224 Duncan Ave; Joyce Garcia to Ted and Linda Kelosky for $11,500.
  • 220 Golf Ave; Rhonda Ehrenberg to Mark Mazzant for $20,000.

Enon Valley Borough

  • 7327 Vine St.; Larry Dennison to Fannie Mae for $1,091.77.
  • State Route 351; Elizabeth McGeorge Sullivan Est. to David and Elaine Anderson for $79,000.

Little Beaver Borough

  • Clark Road; Samuel and Amanda Hostetlbr to Mose and Mary Miller for $65,000.

North Beaver Township

  • 138 Hickory View Drive; Michael Krisuk to David White for $125,000.
  • 3169 Nesbit St; Hartland Acres Inc. to Russell and Amber Sowers for $15,000.
  • 4521 State Route 18; Kathryn Wear to Timothy and Jamie Straub for $80,000.
  • 144 Vance Road; LSF9 Master Participation to Jonathan Stanley for $60,000.
  • 929 Mt Jackson Road; Rebecca Abramson to Scott Gwin for $20,000.

Perry Township

  • 200 Duncan Lane; Martin and Jennifer Duncan to Tammy Bubb for $12,000.

Shenango Township

  • Cornell Avenue; Dana Fox to Stanley Watkins for $95,000.
  • NA; Michael Mansour to Marissa Trott for $191,636.
  • 1717 Frew Mill Road; Michael Mansour to Frank and Megan Augustine for $243,000.
  • 1511 Old Princeton Road; Ronald and Marci Dechesero to Judy Milliken for $40,000.
  • Old Princeton Road; Keystone Rock Properties to Christopher and Candance Panella for $23,500.
  • 2427 Willowhurst Circle; Ronda Lutton to US Bank National Trustee for $1,681.45.
  • Hollow Road; William Brown to Joseph and Heatehr Holdaway for $164,900.
  • 92 Links Drive; Shelley Martin and Lance Donston to Cathleen Warren for $178,900.

Slippery Rock Township

  • 3437 Few Mill Road; Trevor Fedrizzi to Bank of New York Mellon for $2,011.72.
  • Shady Lane; Richard Carson to Marcus and Ashley Grossman for $55,000.
  • 3437 Frew Mill Road; Bank of New York Mellon Trustee to Bobbie Lefebvre for $31,870.
  • NA; Richard and Ingrid Pahls to Larry and Dorothy Haney and Larry and Barbara Hollerman for $35,000.

Wampum Borough

  • 1055 Main St.; Daniel Senchak to Jason and Jessica Amarando for $75,000.
  • 359 Main St; Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Thomas Butler for $6,000.
  • 1009 N Main St; Walter and Cynthia Kirkwood to Jacob Langhel for $81,300.
  • 1037 N Main St; Robert and Barbara Cody to Kandy Mueller for $85,000.

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